2021: A Year in Review by TheStudios

Wow! What a tornado of a year it’s been. Just like 2020, 2021 continued to be equally unforgettable. Whether it’s been the worst year for you to-date, or the absolute bees’ knees, join us on this week’s blog as we attempt to sum up 2021 in some form of words.

From the the blockage of the Suez canal, from Harry and Megan’s jaw dropping interview with Oprah, to Texas freezing over, it’s been another wild ride. We’ve handpicked some close to home notables in this week’s blog. We’ve laughed, cried, and sanitised our way through the year.



It’s Winter 2021

January 2021. Empty streets. Rainy weather with the occasional dusting of snow. Long walks in the cold. Doing your 7th zoom quiz in a row. Finding excuses to go to the supermarket merely for something to do…

Meanwhile, people watched from the safety of their phone screens while rioters stormed the White House in the US.

Ah yes. What a time January was.

Many of us saw the New Year in during a national lockdown. If you found yourself asleep by 10pm on New Year’s Eve or seeing the New Year in with a glass of champagne for one, you wouldn’t have been the only one.


Empty Streets in Lockdown
The ghost towns of January 2021…


It’s Spring 2021

We’ve all still been in lockdown and waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel to appear…until… On the 8th March, a provisional roadmap out of lockdown appeared amongst the mist of uncertainty. Hooray!

Key workers continue to work as normal, and the ‘work-from-homers’ become even further accustomed to virtually attending corporate meetings in their dressing gowns.  Educational institutions are back up and running from this date, and there appears a small flicker of normality returning to our daily lives. Pub goers cross off the days until April 12th

The sun starts shining a little bit more, and we all become obsessed with those £1 daffodils from the supermarkets.

Daffodils in Spring
Best £1 you’ll ever spend in Spring…

It’s Summer 2021

The weather’s getting nice and warm, just in time for hospitality venues to open fully again. We finally get to see our friends in hospitality venues again for sit down meals. More and more of the UK population are vaccinated, and the UK begins to breathe a brief sigh of relief. Employers turn to ‘hybrid’ working, a mixture of both home and site working – to minimise the risks of catching COVID.

Meanwhile, Liverpool fans break into the Old Trafford stadium following the postponement of a football match between Manchester United and Liverpool.

Summer in the UK sees some surprisingly warm heatwaves.

Matt Hancock resigns as Health Secretary after (quite obviously) breaking the social distancing rules, a statue of Princess Diana is unveiled, and the restrictions are all the way lifted.

International travel is possible again, and hundreds of Brits flee to green list countries as soon as they can, before the word ‘lockdown’ can be uttered ever again.

Daffodils in Spring
Can we go back to this, please?

It’s Autumn 2021

The booster programme begins to roll out as COVID numbers slowly start to creep in. Newcastle United becomes the richest UK football club over Manchester United, and the contactless limit is raised to £100 instead of £45. Keep your cards even closer to your chest folks!

Oh, and let’s not forget the panic buying of fuel – with many of us queuing for an hour and a half for a bit of diesel to get us to work for the week! 2020 saw lack of toilet roll. 2021 saw lack of fuel. What on earth will it be in 2022?

Well at least there was one thing we didn’t have to que for, and that was a much-talked about Netflix series that was released in Autumn 2021.

Squid Game

The Netflix show that took 2021 by storm!

Squid Game is not one to be missed. A dark twist on classic Korean children’s games, where there’s much more at stake than pride. Heart breaking, cinematically impressive, and full of little twists and turns – Squid Game will keep you playing until the last episode.

If you still haven’t seen it – get on it! And if you don’t understand any Korean, it’s heavily recommended that the subtitles version is considerably better than the dubbed.


Squid Game
If you’re looking for a new series, try out Squid Game!

Making Plans for 2022?

While we can leave 2021 in the past, If you’re looking for somewhere to live in Wolverhampton in 2022, contact TheStudios for more information!

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We look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great weekend everyone, and stay safe!


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