4 Excuses to be a Scrooge This Year

With the fact that Birmingham and the Black Country has now gone into Tier 3, hopes for a jam-packed social calendar this December have sadly been dashed. And whilst it is certainly true that all this pandemic business is getting a little long in the tooth, we are relentless optimists here at The Studios – so let’s have a little think about all the small things we can be grateful for this month…

Christmas Bauble

1) Less opportunities for gluttony

Whilst previous Decembers may have seen an athletic consumption of assorted cheeses and various salty snacks, perhaps this could be the one that doesn’t see us staggering into the New Year bloated, out-of-pocket and hungover, ravaged with the kind of guilt that only demolishing an entire chocolate orange in one sitting can cause. For many, working from home is sure to give waistbelts some respite this year, with the incessant slew of mince pies, Quality Street and naff shortbread being passed around the office having been thankfully curtailed.

Christmas Food

2) Obligation, schmobligation

Misanthropes – be merry! Never in the history of Rudolph has there been a better excuse to avoid human society completely. No more head-hurting happy hours with ‘the team’, no more soul-sucking Secret Santa, no more scanning All Bar One for the quickest possible escape route as Sharon from Accounts force-feeds you photos of her nephew’s new dachshund. In fact, it is your patriotic duty to avoid the in-laws completely this holiday season and stay indoors in your warm and cosy studio flat! Come to think of it, if only every Christmas could be this blissfully free of commitments…

Father Christmas

3) Valid reasons to be a Grinch

“Cheer up, it’s Christmas!”… said no one. It is the year of the underwhelmed-dog, as even the most bushy-tailed among us are starting to become somewhat deflated and fatigued. And so, for those of us that find it hard to contort our faces into a grimacing smile on demand every year, we may breathe a sigh of relief. And then another sigh. And then another.

Christmas Hat

4) 2020 is almost over

All facetious ramblings aside, it’s not exactly been a golden year, and it’s going to be grand to see the back of it! Now, whether 2021 will be any kinder is anyone’s guess, but it is important to remember that we have always lived in interesting times. At The Studios, it’s been thoroughly heart-warming to see residents coming together to support and guide each other throughout this year – a much-needed shot of humanity breaking through the bleakness of lockdown, isolation and furlough. However you’re coping – and it’s okay not to be- there is always help available if you need it.


Let’s keep on keeping on, and soon enough it’ll be 2021!

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