5 Independent Wolverhampton businesses to check out in 2020

It’s finally here- the new decade.

Whilst 2019 was certainly a turbulent time for many, it was especially notable for the retail industry- with it seeing sales fall for the first time in 25 years. With many eyes in Wolverhampton falling on the much-delayed Westside Development (with work projected to pick up momentum this year), it can be easy to overlook some of the less visible gems to be found within the city. And so here’s a handful of independent businesses we’d recommend popping into in 2020.

5 Independent Places in Wolves

1) Tony’s Delicatessen (19 Queens Square)

Providing local produce alongside excellent vegan options, gift selections and fab imported goods- the range of meats, cheeses and preserves on offer are incredibly impressive given the modest size of this family-ran deli. Affordable and welcoming, this is a fantastic stop whether you’re picking up something indulgent or just swinging by to grab a freshly-made sandwich for lunch. With an increasing number of plant-based options making it ideal for those undertaking Veganuary (the Cheatin’ Chilli Chicken roll being particularly tasty), and the affordable coffee being very possibly the best in the city, there’s really no reason not to give Tony’s Deli a look-in.

2) Queen Square Tattoo Club (6 Hampton Walk)

Queen Square Tattoo Club Sign

January often brings with it the promise of change for many- whether it be to do something new or to build upon previous efforts. So whether you’re looking to tick it off the bucket-list or to complement your already-adorned skin- Queens Square Tattoo Club is the premiere tattoo studio in Wolverhampton. Spread over 2 studios, it’s clean and well-maintained equipment is just the reassurance anyone new to being inked would need, and the staff are friendly, unintimidating and professional. From small walk-in jobs to lavish back-pieces and beyond- this is your one-stop shop for body modification.

3) Ecowulf (20 Chapel Ash)

Jars of Beans on Shelves

Climate change is no joke, nor a myth. Adopting a sustainable and affordable approach to planetary conservation, Ecowulf’s aims are to aid customers cut down on single-use plastic through providing refills on a range of dried foods, cleaning products and even workshops and events. From peppercorns and muesli, to washing up liquid and shampoo- this environmentally conscious store allows you to bring in your own refillable containers and purchase your goods in measured quantity’s- doing away with needless plastic purchasing and disposal. And what’s more- it often works out cheaper in the long run! So save money and the planet next time you’re low on restockable goods, and head to Ecowulf.

4) Nutmeg Mediterranean Café (9 Farmers Fold, Victoria Street)

Inject some colour into your life- Nutmeg’s fresh and tasty choices nail that perfect balance of healthy yet delicious. Daily specials sit alongside regular favourites (the Fish Club being a sandwich par excellence) and the interior is cosey and inviting- perfect for a catch-up or quick-bite. Vegan and veggie options abound, but omnivores never fear- their lamb options are particularly succulent. And if you’re in a hurry then there’s good news- they do food to go!

5) IGO Yoga (Canal Wharf, Broad Street)

It’s no surprise that taking up some form of physical activity is often at the top of many a mince-pie lovers list in the new year. And whilst some may shun the ‘wellness’ trend in favour of a classic, treadmill-centric approach to fitness, those that are willing to get down with the downward-facing-dog are quick to shout about the benefits of yoga’s holistic approach towards bettering your physical and mental wellbeing. IGO Yoga is perfect for beginners- with classes of varying degrees of intensity happening 7-days a week

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