5 Wolverhampton Restaurants to Order Takeaway From

This far into lockdown, sharing some grub and a few drinks with friends in a romantic restaurant or a cosy cafe seems a lifetime away, a hazy dream-sequence from the distant past. We have long given up on chosing whether to conjure up yet another resourceful meal with the scraps of food we scrounged after a 1 hour wait outside Sainsbury’s, or resort to the selection of microwavable ready-meals we have stacked up. It seems we are all surviving off takeaway, only emerging from our summer hibernation to greet the lovely delivery person. However, very soon, on the 4th of July, life as we once knew it will resume, and we will finally return to the warm embrace of the pubs and restaurants. But, until then, we’ve compiled a list of 5 Wolverhampton restaurants to order takeaway from, to turn your quarantine into the ultimate gastronomical experience. Whether you’re vegan, pescatarian, or halal, we have you covered.

Eat Out in Lockdown

The Island House

The Island House is your properly British, independent fish and chips bar, offering all the classics we know and love from burgers, sausages, pies, kebabs, and fried chicken, to their speciality fish and chips with all the necessary trimmings. Preparing handmade food with all natural and traceable ingredients just for you, The Island House is perfect for Friday lunch, Saturday night dinner, and, of course, leftover for the morning after; this local chippy will hit the spot no matter what you’re craving.

Uber Eats 4.5 Stars, £2.49 Delivery Fee
Google 4.4 Stars
Tripadvisor 4.5 Stars
Food Hygiene Rating 5

The Hidden Chef

Fried Chicken in Boxes

The Hidden Chef is a catering company and smokehouse, that brings the bold and beautiful flavours of the Caribbean barbeque to the West Midlands for all to enjoy. Using farm-fresh ingredients and modern cooking techniques, The Hidden Chef put their own spin on traditional, Caribbean recipes, like jerk chicken, BBQ pork ribs, curry goat, and deep-fried plantain; they also have some great halal options! We can’t go to the Caribbean right now, but The Hidden Chef can bring the Caribbean to you, through the smoky sweetness of their authentic barbeque.

Uber Eats 4.7 Stars, £2.49 Delivery Fee
Just Eat 5.5 Stars, £2.50 Delivery Fee on Orders Over £10
Deliveroo 4.5 Stars, Free Delivery
Google 5 Stars
Food Hygiene Rating 5

Falafilo Coffee House

Falafilo Coffee House is the classic Mediterranean experience. Serving all the best regional delicacies, like mezze, falafel, shawarma, hummous, wraps, baklava, and, of course, a great selection of tea and coffee, Falafilo have everything you could need for a Mediterranean banquet. With plenty of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, such as their ‘Warak Enab Bziet’, which is all three, Falafilo really do have something for absolutely everyone, so no one has to miss out on this culinary transportation to the Med.

Uber Eats 4.5 Stars, £0.49 Delivery Fee
Just Eat 5.5/6 Stars, £2.50 Delivery Free on Orders Over £10
Deliveroo 4.1 Stars, Free Delivery, 15% off orders over £15
Google 4.7 Stars
Tripadvisor 5 Stars
Food Hygiene Rating 5

Fiume Italian Bar and Restaurant

Fine Dining Pasta Plate

An authentic, family-owned, Southern Italian restaurant, Fiume is a favourite amongst Wolverhampton locals. Serving all the quintessential dishes, like pasta, pizza, calamari, and tiramisu, along with some less familiar delicacies, like their ‘Pollo Cacciatore’, Fiume’s take on classical, comforting recipes passed down through generations is exactly what we all need to get through these hard times. We may not currently be able to enjoy its romantic yet relaxed atmosphere, but Fiume’s traditional, Italian feast-food is certainly good enough to turn your lockdown living room into a villa on the Amalfi coast.

Uber Eats 4.6 Stars, £1.49 Delivery Fee
Google 4.6 Stars
Tripadvisor 4.5 Stars
Food Hygiene Rating 5

ISO Sushi

Sushi Meal on a Plate

ISO Sushi is an authentic sushi takeaway joint that serves high-quality and reasonably priced sushi using only the freshest and tastiest ingredients, with many great options for pescatarians and vegetarians. Their extensive menu ranges from traditional Japanese classics like maki, nigiri, katsu, and bento, to pan-Asian dishes like ramen and kimchi, so whether you’re in the mood for a light kaiso wakame salad or a hearty bowl of seafood udon soup, ISO Sushi will have it all taken care of.

Uber Eats 4.4 Stars, £0.49 Delivery Fee
Just Eat 5/6 Stars, £2.50 Delivery Free on Orders Over £10
Deliveroo 4.4 Stars, Free Delivery, 15% off orders over £15
Google 4.2 Stars
Tripadvisor 4 Stars
Food Hygiene Rating 4

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