All-Inclusive Living: Real Life Networking

All-Inclusive Living is a way of real life networking with like-minded others. Here’s why.

We are becoming increasingly reliant on a way of working and communicating that is highly technological. And as technological platforms become more and more developed, they are a central means of communication for many, meaning we are connecting now more than ever. Professional networking can open the floodgates to a bountiful number of opportunities, people, and places. And all of this is made accessible through the connectedness of the internet’s professional platforms.

And it’s great to connect with similar-minded people. Well, what if you could live amongst fellow professionals?

All inclusive living not only allows you to connect and network with other professionals across the board – it gives you the opportunity to live with and befriend similar people. Imagine if your home was both a social playground filled with like-minded individuals and a private space that was solely yours?

Co-habitation is becoming increasingly popular among millennial professionals and young entrepreneurs. When you’re thrown into an exciting pick and mix of housemates from different professional backgrounds you can connect with a range of different people from all over the UK, and worldwide!

You know the old saying…you never truly know someone until you live with them. Coliving allows you to learn loads about similar-minded individuals and gives you the opportunity to make friends for life.

all inclusive living residents together in lounge
Co-habitation = co-working


Tradition? Boring.

Years ago, everyone expected the same thing from their life path.

Get married. Get a job. Move out. Buy a house. Have kids. Get a dog. Church on Sundays. The end.

But now, we just aren’t living life in that order anymore. For the working professional millennial, our lives aren’t bubble wrapped with that conventional safety blanket of chronological life milestones, but rather, the excitement of new opportunities, people, and places!

And anyway, we think being traditional is boring. And as this flow of tradition has (thank goodness) started to dissolve, we’re opening the doors to new ways of living. We are exploring so much more in between all those steps! Whether your living experience is fleeting, or for a few years; co-habitation is something everyone should try!

all inclusive living residents together in lounge
Make friends with likeminded individuals

All Inclusive Living: The Benefits

All-Inclusive living. Cohabiting. Serviced Living. Why should you consider it as an option?

Here’s why…

  • Equal parts private and social
    All inclusive living is private enough to retain your own personal space (giving you the option to enjoy your own space in the privacy of your own studio flat, away from the rest of your cohort), but communal enough to share common spaces with your studio housemates. Cook together, enjoy a drink at the bar together, go to the gym together, or share your mutual interests with clubs.
    TheStudios have got some great communal kitchen spaces to cook tasty food with your flatmates. We’ve even got an on-site gym, right at your doorstep. Flatmates = gym buddies.
  • Job Flexibility
    In the age of the digital nomad, co-habitation is becoming increasingly popular amongst the millenial professional due to the flexibility to work in communal and private spaces.
    TheStudios have got some fab working spaces. While our cafe offers a large communal space, our quiet lounge or your studio flat – or get your caffeine fix by checking out some of Wolverhampton’s finest laptop-friendly cafes.
  • Financial Stability
    Competitive pricing compared to general city flatshares and flat buys.
    TheStudios offer competitive pricing! Have a look at our snazzy studio flats, with competitive rates.
  • Convenient
    Great location means convenient for work – with good transport connections and travel links.
    All inclusive living at TheStudios in Wolverhampton is super convenient for the working professional. We’re situated in the middle of town – close to supermarkets, cafes, bars and restaurants. We’re close to some of Wovlerhampton’s most amazing transport links too – perfect for public transport commuters!
  • Living light
    Living light is perfect for temporary relocation, especially if you’re travelling a lot for work.
    TheStudios have gorgeous simplistic living designs, meaning your space isn’t overcomplicated making it easy to unpack and settle in.
Networking all inclusive living
Considering co-habiting? Go on…

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