5 Benefits of Living in a Studio Apartment

Studio flats to rent in Wolverhampton

TheStudios break down the top 5 benefits of living in a studio apartment. When looking for a place to rent, most people go straight for a standard flat or house without even considering serviced studio apartments.

The hassle of tenancy agreements, references, and credit checks, let alone mounting agency fees tend to be the norm when it comes to renting property.

What if there was an easier, more cost-effective option that also offered added benefits such as on-site gyms and social areas?

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1. Less to pay, less to worry about

As of 2022, the cost of living across the UK is rising to unseen levels, making it increasingly difficult for everyone to manage their outgoings.  With house prices,  gas, electricity, water and council tax inflating way beyond the average wage, now is not an ideal time for first-time buyers or tenants.

Right now is the ideal time to seriously consider renting a studio apartment, as they often charge one monthly rent with all bills included.

Based on the following figures, you can stand to save an average of £345 per month, equating to over £4,000 per year!


2. Expand your network

It can be lonely living in the city, especially if you've just moved to a new place. The transition from living at home or at university accommodation to your own place can be daunting, scary and isolating.

You may find that studio apartment buildings offer on-site facilities such as gyms, bars, garden areas and more which are obviously great perks; saving you even more money. They can also stand as a great way to get to know fellow residents, allowing you to make connections and extend your social network.


3. Low maintenance

When renting a typical flat or house, it can take weeks if not months for basic repairs to be made. It might require umpteen phone calls to your letting agent,  landlord or management company before you get anywhere, adding unnecessary stress to your day.

Serviced studio apartment buildings often have on-site maintenance people ready to act whenever something goes wrong, be it within your own apartment or any communal area.  Maintaining your property is one less to think about with a studio apartment.


4. Increased security

Like most modern apartment buildings, on-site security by way of a concierge service is a major benefit to bear in mind.  Any worries of random intruders making their way to your apartment are alleviated, decreasing the risk to your person and your property.

The added benefit of having your post and parcel deliveries handled while you are away is also very much worth considering!


5. Easy to clean

There is nothing worse than coming home from a long day at work and having to tidy your bedroom, mop the kitchen floor, and hoover the stairs. With a studio apartment, you can kill two birds with one stone and clean the apartment in a flash, making it a more pleasurable and stress-free property to manage.

Often, regular cleaning services are offered as part of your rent, also; so keep an eye out for places that include this service!


Our studio flats to rent in Wolverhampton are in clusters of six & seven. These clusters have allowed us to build a community. There are plenty of opportunities to socialise, but never at the expense of your privacy.

You can find out more about our studio flats to rent in Wolverhampton below.

Our rates

Rent must be paid in full on a monthly basis.

Classic Studio

Prices start from

From £150 - £170 per week

651.79 - £738.69 per month, all bills included including council tax)

Subject to availability

Premium Studio

Prices start from

From £145 per week

(£628.52 per month)

Deluxe Studio

Prices start from

From £170 - £200 per week

(£738.69 - £869.05 per month, all bills included including council tax)

Double Occupancy an additional £30 pw

Subject to availability

Premier Studios

Prices start from

From £230 per week

(£999.41 per month, all bills included including council tax)

Double occupancy an additional £30pw

Subject to availability

For double occupancies, please enquire via the Contact Us page.

Our features

All bills included

Superfast Wi-Fi

Entrance security

Fortnightly cleaning

Panoramic Views

Fully licensed bar & restaurant

Laundry facilities

Co-Working areas

Community events

Double bed

USB wall plugs

10 minutes to station


Vibrant Bar


Bar and Café

Our bar and café are fully equipped whether you need a meeting place or somewhere to relax with friends. Our fully licensed and affordable space is exclusive to The Studios residents and their guests.

From our café and bar, you can get food and drinks as well as watch Sky TV and play pool. The space is a great place to socialise with fellow residents, friends and family.

We also host regular events at the bar and café. These events allow you to meet neighbours and form friendships that could last a lifetime.

Condiments at Cafe
Concierge Service and Reception at TheStudios


At The Studios, we understand the importance of feeling safe & secure. Our aim is to make your life more comfortable. Therefore, our secure key-card access gives you peace of mind that you and your belongings are safe.

As well as our swipe card access, we have a security/concierge service. All members within our fully staffed building are here to explain our security measures.

Our rates begin from £115 per week (paid on a monthly basis).

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