What’s On at TheStudios?

At TheStudios we’re all about being social! And what better time to be social than the festive period? We’ve got some exciting events lined up in December. And even better…they’re all happening right below your studio flat, in TheStudios communal area! Make sure you pencil these events into your social calendar! In this week’s blog,…

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5 Tips for Dealing with Darker Mornings and Evenings

Unless you’re blessed with the luxury of remote working from a cosy corner next to a nice bright window and getting your daily dose of natural daylight, you might be busy working onsite inside a building all day. Waking up in the dark, working indoors, and going home in the dark might make you feel…

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Studio Living: The Antidote to Metropolitan Solitude?

Man in urban setting near apartments

Urban loneliness. If you’ve ever lived alone in a drab city flat with no communal areas, you may have encountered this phrase before or experienced it first-hand. You might have that friend or family member who’s asked you ‘doesn’t it get a lonely living by yourself?’ Well, studio living might just be the cure for…

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National Insurance Fears? Save Money with TheStudios

Working on Laptop in Apartment

Talking politics is not usually our thing here at TheStudios Wolverhampton, but with the social media reactions to the national insurance increases and the effects it will have on our finances and every-day lives, TheStudios wanted to reassure our existing and future residents that our co-living culture and paradise could still save you money in…

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Resident Life Stories: Meet Beckie


Welcome to a very exciting, very new series of blogs we will be producing, centred around those who truly make TheStudios the wonderful place it is: our extraordinary residents. All of our residents lead diverse and unique lives, and each has a different story to tell, including why they chose to live at TheStudios Wolverhampton,…

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TheStudios: Accommodation fit for an Olympian

Red and White Studio

The Tokyo Olympics of 2020 have now finally concluded over a year later, and Team GB are home, safe and sound, with an astounding 22 gold medals! And whilst the summer of sport is now officially over, keeping fit and active is a year-round affair! Luckily for you, when co-living at TheStudios in Wolverhampton, you…

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TheStudios: New Ways of Living

Welcome Package

Traditionally, where and how we lived used to be a very common linear journey of living with parents, renting a drab flat, maybe eventually progressing to renting a home, before eventually progressing to buying your own home when working life (new family?), and finances allow. Yet in today’s world, lifestyles and careers are different for…

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Introducing Our New Quiet Lounge

Quiet Lounge

We are now pleased to announce that, as of the 26th of July, our brand new Quiet Lounge, just downstairs from your studio flat to rent, is open and ready for business! Replacing the fitness studio, just next to our state-of-the-art gym, the Quiet Lounge will be a place to work, read, relax, take a…

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The apartments formerly known as ‘TheStudios24’ – Why we are now TheStudios!

TheStudios Towels

We all need a change sometimes, but changing a name – that has repercussions! Think of Prince changing his name to a squiggle – that caused all sorts of problems for radio DJs until some clever clogs coined him, ‘The artist formerly known as…’ Even then, his old name still took precedence over his lack…

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What to do now the Euros are over!

Lounge and Bar Snooker Table

It’s mid-July, and whether you’re still mourning England’s loss, revelling in Italy’s victory, or already gearing up for the World Cup, one thing is for certain; you’re not quite sure what to do with yourself. Luckily for you, when co-living at TheStudios Wolverhampton, there’s always something to fill your now football-less days, and to keep…

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