Firework Displays and Bonfire Night Events Around Wolverhampton 2021

colourful firework display bonfire weekend 2021 Wolverhampton

With the clocks going back this weekend, and the onset of blustery days filled with flurries of orange-hued leaves, autumn has truly landed. For many of us, socialising is back on the calendar this year, so it’s time to tick those pumpkin-shaped boxes on your autumn bucket list and check out some of Wolverhampton’s finest…

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TheStudios: Accommodation fit for an Olympian

Red and White Studio

The Tokyo Olympics of 2020 have now finally concluded over a year later, and Team GB are home, safe and sound, with an astounding 22 gold medals! And whilst the summer of sport is now officially over, keeping fit and active is a year-round affair! Luckily for you, when co-living at TheStudios in Wolverhampton, you…

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The apartments formerly known as ‘TheStudios24’ – Why we are now TheStudios!

TheStudios Towels

We all need a change sometimes, but changing a name – that has repercussions! Think of Prince changing his name to a squiggle – that caused all sorts of problems for radio DJs until some clever clogs coined him, ‘The artist formerly known as…’ Even then, his old name still took precedence over his lack…

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‘Freedom Day’ & Beyond at TheStudios

Black Open Sign

With ‘Freedom Day’ – 19th July – finally within (cccc) ‘touching’ distance for all of us, as a nation we can start to put Covid (mostly) behind us and start enjoying life in the normal and regular ways that we were used to before. So, TheStudios Wolverhampton thought about what that means for our residents,…

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TheStudios: Football & Great Living

Football on Pitch

With England at the Euros finally upon us, football fever is truly peaking here at TheStudios Wolverhampton. From residents bedecked in their team colours, to all the big games being televised at our onsite bar, it got us thinking – not only about the confusion of still calling it ‘Euro 2020’ when it’s now taking…

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TheStudios: It’s Business As Usual…Almost!

Black Open Sign

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the day when hospitality businesses re-open their doors for punters to come inside from the typically rainy and windy outdoor service that spring has bought us! Yes, the notion of al fresco dining and beer gardens was always nice, but the reality of the inclement British…

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Mental Health & Wellbeing at TheStudios Wolverhampton

Flowers on Table

This week, William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, visited Wolverhampton, on a mission to promote the importance of good mental health across the region. The fact that the future King of England and his wife are such prominent advocates of this constantly topical issue made us think of how TheStudios and our…

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Why short-term renting is better than staying in a hotel

Grey, White and Yellow Studio

If you regularly commute to Wolverhampton for work, and are having trouble deciding whether to short-term rent or stay in a hotel, we’ve put together a few points to help make up your mind! Cheaper When short-term renting at TheStudios, you can stock up on your own favourite foods and cook in your shared kitchen,…

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The ‘Co-‘s of Co-living

Woman Laughing at Phone Sat on Sofa

The prefix ‘Co-‘ means ‘together’, conjuring a feeling of teamwork and mutual respect. That’s why the ethos of TheStudios is co-living, and not just co-habitation. We are not just a block of flats, we are a home. We are a collection of people not just eating, sleeping, and working in the same building, but relaxing,…

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Co-Living & Studio Apartments: The Great Indoors

Shared Kitchen

Right now, we’re all itching to go out, get outdoors, and generally be – as Micky Flanagan might say – ‘Out Out!’ When that time comes, and once we’ve all exploited it to the Nth degree, we’re also gonna need a bit of the ‘great indoors’ again. A yin to the yang of regular living…

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