Handling COVID-19 at The Studios

Co-living is all about becoming closer to those around you- about sharing space and experiences to foster a deeper sense of connection with your neighbours. But in these unprecedented times, many are feeling the sting of isolation as social distancing measures keep us at length from those we love and care for.

Looking after your mental and physical health

At The Studios24 we are doing all we can to ensure the mental and physical well-being of our residents and staff at this time. Here’s a few of things that we’ve put into place to ease the minds of everyone living with us through the Covid-19 pandemic:

  • Regular, scheduled disinfecting of communal areas and door handles throughout the building daily.
  • Monitoring of communal areas to ensure safe usage where possible- such as offering The Lounge as additional workspace.
  • Increased communication from staff to residents regarding a variety of relevant issues- our door is always open.
  • Care packages for all residents, including sanitiser gel and Easter chocolates.
  • Drop-off of parcel and food deliveries directly outside studio doors for those residents self-isolating.
  • Increased communication between residents through self-orchestrated social media groups such as the ‘Covid Care Club’ on Facebook.
  • Carrying out of electronic viewings and reducing of person-to-person contact during all new move-ins- increasing our working efficiency and reducing risk of virus transmission.
  • Comprehensive screening of all applicants to ensure all new residents are advised of, and comply with, relevant regulations whilst living at The Studios24

We continue to review the Covid-19 situation on a daily basis- and so consider what we can do to make life at The Studios24 as safe, reassuring and enjoyable as possible for all our residents and staff.

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