‘Freedom Day’ & Beyond at TheStudios

With ‘Freedom Day’ – 19th July – finally within ‘touching’ distance for all of us, as a nation we can start to put Covid (mostly) behind us and start enjoying life in the normal and regular ways that we were used to before. So, TheStudios Wolverhampton thought about what that means for our residents, their friends and their co-living community. Keep counting the days folks, because if you think the TheStudios and Wolverhampton are great right now, you ain’t seen nothing yet!


A sentence that lots of us like to hear; First to the bar!

Bar at TheStudios

The bar-restaurant at TheStudios is already hugely popular with our residents and guests, but none of us can wait until restrictions are lifted once more after Freedom Day. It will mean masks are optional and our customers can literally start ‘rubbing shoulders’ with one another again. Yes, with the eradication of social distancing (in most circumstances), it means people can sit, move and lounge around in our trendy, chilled out restaurant and bar space as it was intended.

No table or seat bookings required, but if you want ‘the best seats’ you best get here fast!


After being in eat-mode in our bar and restaurant, you can get into beast-mode in our onsite gym! Our gym has been mostly open during lockdown, but restrictions have meant a strict limit on numbers and bookings were required. Well roll on to the 19th, when you and your preferred gym-buddies can come together and work-out together. You can still rest assured that our onsite cleaning team will still be keeping our gym the epitome of hygiene and cleanliness, but you’ll now have the freedom to use our gym and exercise equipment like we did in the good old days – without the faff!

Co-Living and Guests!

Here’s the one we’ve all been waiting for, the world over. The words that every host, good friend, or family member can utter once more; COME IN AND MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME!!

Grey, White and Yellow Studio Flat

After ‘Freedom Day’, we’re all allowed to invite people into our homes again. For our residents, that means showing off your fully furnished and all-inclusive Wolverhampton flat to rent. Our studio flats boast hotel-like décor, en-suites, and of course, panoramic views across the city. So, show it off to friends and family, hang-out with other co-living residents at TheStudios, you could even cook or work together in our co-living kitchens and workspaces. The co-living culture and community of TheStudios Wolverhampton will be truly alive once more!


Lights, camera, and back in action! Ok, our onsite cinema has been open whilst restrictions have been back in place, but we couldn’t resist the line and it feels like a Rocky movie comeback! Up to now, guests in our cinema have been restricted to six at a time, but after ‘Freedom Day’ everyone is back in the picture to enjoy some classic popcorn action.

TheStudio Onsite Cinema

Our residents can find out showings and showtimes with TheStudios’ Facebook posts, and we will even run Facebook polls so residents can vote for their favourite films to be shown. Cue victory music…

Explore Wolverhampton

And aside from what’s happening at TheStudios indoors, everyone can now enjoy Wolverhampton outdoors! TheStudios is located within short walking distance of the city centre, meaning now that restrictions are lifting, for our residents, Wolverhampton is their oyster!

Wolverhampton Transport

Hit the shops, bars, restaurants and eateries, and live like we used to. The transport links of train, tram and buses are also just round the corner from TheStudios, so you can even commute to work again or travel further and discover that there is a world outside of Wolverhampton!

To see what Wolverhampton has to offer you, visit here.

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If the freedom of TheStudios and having a Wolverhampton flat to rent appeals to you, get in touch with our team today! They will discuss your requirements, and you could be living the life you want in no time!

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