How to keep busy in a studio flat during COVID-19

The current unprecedented times have caused major disruption to all our lives in some way. In line with the Government advice for us all to stay at home, it is important to find ways to keep positive and maintain good mental health. Read some of our tips on ways to occupy yourself, even in a small living space

Tips for keeping positive

Learn a new skill

With all the extra time, use it to start or improve a skill that you don’t normally have time for. Whether that is getting creative with crafting, playing a musical instrument, or many more.  There are so many free online courses to further your knowledge in many areas including photo and film, business, writing and animation. Websites such as and are a good place to start!  

If you are looking for something more academic, The Open University and Coursera offer great courses you can work through at your own pace.

Stay Connected

Make sure you arrange times to keep in touch with family and friends. Schedule in video and phone calls as often as it’s convenient, it’s so important to share how you are coping and speaking to loved ones will always lift your spirits and not make you feel so isolated. If you feel like you need more social time, consider group call with a virtual quiz and games!

Keep to a routine

Most of us feel at our best when our daily life has a loose structure, and it’s important not to completely lose that in these times. Try to plan out what time you will wake up, eat, work or study, exercise and be social. It will stop the feeling of an unproductive day and the time running away from you.

Gogglebox from a distance!

We are all watching more TV than ever to keep entertained – lots of people are connecting with friends and family they miss by watching TV together from there separate locations. Set up a weekly round-up review of what you have watched and what is upcoming to look forward to.

Home Exercise

Make the most of nature and fresh air by going on a daily walk or run, and then try some home workouts! Lots of free plans, apps and videos are available which allow you to gradually increase your fitness level even with little or no equipment. If workouts are not your thing, yoga is an excellent way to relieve stress and improve flexibility in a small space.

Put pen to paper

Whether it’s journaling, word searches or creative writing – any form of writing is great for your mind and can help pass time when at a loose end. Try keeping a diary of your time and what you have been doing and how you feel – who knows it may turn into a piece of history in years to come! Reading and listening to podcasts is also good for writing inspiration to spark creativity.

Declutter and Organise

Use this time to get your living space in order, those tasks that you usually put off can now be completed. Go through your wardrobe, sort out the kitchen cupboards and make your space comfortable and tidy. You will feel so much better, and it will pass a lot of time!

Make a ‘when lockdown lifts’ list

Lastly, try making a ‘when lockdown lifts list’ so you can plan what you want to achieve and do when you are able. With all our newfound appreciation of freedom to travel, socialise and go to events, it’s nice to have something to look forward to organising these trips in the future.

Working on Laptop in Apartment

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