Keep Your Mind Healthy During Lockdown in a Studio Flat

studio flat lockdown

Lockdown is hard for all of us. Unable to meet up with friends, go to the pub on the weekend, or play the sports that help keep us fit, we have much less to look forward to.

However, it can be especially tough if you live in a studio flat during lockdown. Studio flats give occupants their own space and independence, with personal kitchens and living areas. In normal circumstances, this is great for studio renters. But with the reduced opportunity to socialise in lockdown, people are spending more time than ever alone in their flat.

Most people living in studio flats are young professionals, so are most likely working remotely, only going outside for shopping or exercise. It is important not to stew in boredom or feel isolated during this time.

So, we have some useful tips for staying occupied and keeping you mind healthy whilst these restrictions are in place!

Exercise in Your Studio Flat

There are a range of exercise tutorials available on YouTube which will not only keep you in shape, but also provide a sense of achievement which is crucial for mental health. Full-body workouts, Pilates and Zumba are all great ways of maintaining fitness. For more, read our detailed blog here

lockdown exercise

Organise Video Calls with Your Friends

Whilst the ‘Zoom Pub Quiz’ era might be over, there are other things you and your friends can enjoy over video calls. For instance, pick a topic to discuss, perhaps a film or TV show, and then each give a review. This gives you something specific to focus on and adds purpose to your viewing hobbies.

lockdown video calls

Get to Know Your Neighbours

Although you can’t enter other people’s flats unless in their bubble, you can go for a walk outside with one person from another household. Why not ask a neighbour to go for a stroll? The chances are they are feeling isolated too and will be grateful for the invitation. You may even strike up a friendship that can continue post-lockdown. 

lockdown walking

Download a Mindfulness App

There are several excellent mindfulness apps available, such as Headspace and Smiling Mind. They include audio meditations that help with stress reduction and gaining control of negative thoughts. Listening to mindful ideas when waking up puts us in a good mental state for what we’re going to do, whilst listening before bed allows any concerns from that day to ease – highly recommended if spending lockdown alone in a studio flat.


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