Living Alone? Ways to Have a More Sustainable Christmas

Christmas is a time to spread joy and goodwill, exchange presents and be with friends and family. But it’s no secret that times are tough for most this year. With the rise in inflation and the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, more people – especially those living alone – are looking at new ways to have a more sustainable Christmas.

If you’re unable to travel home for Christmas this year and will be spending it alone – for financial or other reasons – we want to make sure that everyone who celebrates the holiday can do so without having to break the bank.

At TheStudios, we combine lavish living with affordable prices when it comes to renting a studio flat, leaving you with more time and money to enjoy a Christmas like no other. Whether or not you’re in one of our modern studios, make sure to read our eight tips that can help you to have a more sustainable Christmas this year.


1) Quality Over Quantity

While Christmas may be a time to exchange presents, it’s not always the quantity of gifts you give that shows you care. It’s time to cut down on buying useless gifts that will be thrown away the next day and look for quality over quantity.

Whether you buy or receive more personal gifts this year, it will help to reduce the overall waste that will be thrown away over the Christmas period. Especially if you’re living alone, the space you have available in your studio or flat is likely limited – ask for more personal gifts and you shall receive.


2) Adjust Your Wrapping Paper Habits

For those looking to cut back and help protect the planet this year, recycling is the way forward. Over the festive period, an average of 108 million rolls of wrapping paper will be thrown away into landfill.

Take a more sustainable approach this Christmas and look at purchasing recyclable or FSC-certified wrapping paper instead. Standing for Forest Stewardship Council, FSC is a non-profit organisation that promotes sustainable forestry across the globe.


3) Cut Down Food Waste

Food waste is one of the biggest culprits over Christmas that will end up in landfills. If you’ll be alone this year, look to save any leftovers you may have and store them away correctly. And if you’re not into cooking for yourself and you rent a flat at Wolverhampton’s finest studio apartments, then you can try our Christmas-themed food and drink menu over at our exclusive bar. Any waste that’s left over after your Christmas meal is recycled correctly to better protect the environment.


4) Buy Food from the Right Place

For a more sustainable Christmas period while living alone, it’s time to buy food that’s home-grown and local. Buying local will reduce the mileage the food travels and you will end up using less packaging throughout the supply chain.

Other elements to consider are the sustainability certifications that local produce will often have, where you can truly support sustainable farming practices. By buying local food this Christmas, you will be doing your part to create a more environmentally friendly and sustainable world.


5) The Right Christmas Lights

Deck the halls of your studio apartment this year with more sustainable Christmas lights. Purchasing LED lights will use less energy when on, using less electricity and therefore saving you on your bills this festive season.

But if you were renting a studio flat at TheStudios, you wouldn’t have to worry about rising energy bills at all, as all our contemporary studio apartments are all inclusive, setting your mind at ease.


6) Choose Sustainable Activities

As tempting as it might be to go to the local Christmas market or book onto some expensive Christmas-themed event, try instead to reconnect with nature and save some money. Escape to a park or forest for a winter hike and try something new while living alone this year, with activities like bird watching or identifying local wildlife.

Having an apartment to rent in Wolverhampton provides you with an array of opportunities to explore the wildlife via easily accessible nature reserves and woods across the city.


7) Handcrafted Decorations

Explore your creativity this season and try making your own Christmas decorations to save money. Use materials like felt, card and even recycled bottles to make ornaments and garlands to hang around your studio or flat. Handcrafting your decorations can also help to also create a more personal feel in your residence and truly gets you into the spirit of Christmas.


8) Look at Christmas Tree Alternatives

Christmas trees are a staple of any holiday season but with such a limited window where they’ll be on display, it’s time to consider alternative options to create a more sustainable Christmas. More and more Christmas tree farms across the UK are operating a tree replanting scheme where, after you’re done with the tree, they’ll collect it and replant it instead of tossing it into landfill. This way, the tree survives and gives back to the environment, while also making your investment worthwhile.


Christmas at TheStudios

At TheStudios, we actively pursue a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach in everything we do. Whether you’re alone for Christmas or celebrating with your family, this is the time of year where it’s important to look out for others – to become a community.

Renting a studio flat with us puts you in the heart of our community, where you’ll never be alone. We offer a range of facilities that you can enjoy with other residents and embrace a more sustainable Christmas this year. Whether that’s through our all-inclusive studio apartments, our charitable donations  or our Christmas food menu and themed movie nights in our luxury cinema, it’s time to enjoy a better lifestyle, where living alone no longer feels daunting.

Give yourself the best gift this year and discover a new way of living this Christmas.

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