Living at TheStudios: Our Different Studio Apartments

Our luxury living building in the heart of Wolverhampton is home to a diverse mix of people who find our central location and selection of fabulous facilities ideal for their way of life. From short-term residents who are in the area on business or for leisure to long-term guests who love our serviced accommodation and simple “one bill” approach, our vertical neighbourhood is bustling with individuals from all walks of life.

We are always delighted to welcome new guests to TheStudios Wolverhampton, so we’ve compiled this easy guide to our different styles of studio apartments, which fit into three simple categories. If you’re looking for studios to let in the Wolverhampton area, we think TheStudios can provide exactly what you’re looking for, and so much more.

TheStudios Wolverhampton: Our Three Studio Types

At TheStudios, we have created three different layout types for our studio apartments: our Classic Studios, Deluxe Studios and Premier Studios. Before we look at the differences between these studio apartments, let’s start with what all our studio lets have in common.

All our studio apartments are fully furnished and include private ensuite bathrooms and kitchenettes. Your kitchenette includes a fridge-freezer, sink, microwave and kettle, ensuring you have access to all the basics without even stepping out of your apartment.

Although there are no other cooking facilities in the studio itself, you will find state-of-the-art ovens located in your communal kitchen, just outside your apartment. You will share a communal kitchen with a maximum of five other residents, and they provide a great social space for getting to know your immediate neighbours and for making new friends.

Classic Studio

Our Classic Studios are located on floors 1 to 5 of our building, and are the most affordable studio apartments we offer, with prices ranging from £651.79 to £738.69 per month, based on a minimum 4-month tenancy for a single occupant.

Free-standing furniture is provided in all our Classic Studios. Although it does not provide as much storage space as the furniture in our Deluxe Studios and Premiere Studios, it does have its advantages. You can move the furniture around to suit your preferred layout, and should you want to remove any of the furniture from your studio, it can be easily taken away by a member of our maintenance team, freeing up more floor space. Typically, the ensuite bathrooms are a little smaller than those found in our Deluxe Studios.

Deluxe Studio

Our Deluxe Studios are located on floors 6 to 11 of our building, and range from £738.69 to £869.05 per month, based on a minimum 4-month tenancy for a single occupant.

In this range of studio, the furniture is fully fitted which ensures there is more storage space in our Deluxe Studios compared to our Classic Studios. The ensuites are typically a little larger than those in our Classic Studios as well.

Premier Studio

Our Premier Studios are located on floors 7 to 9 of our building and are £999.41 per month, based on a minimum 4-month tenancy for a single occupant.

As Premiere Studios are similar to our Deluxe Studios, they are supplied with fully fitted furniture and larger ensuites. The main difference between Premiere Studios and Deluxe Studios is that our Premiere Studios have a separate living area which is sectioned off from the bedroom, providing a more spacious apartment and a dedicated room in which to relax.

Studios to Let at TheStudios Wolverhampton

Add to all this our range of in-house facilities, such as our luxury cinema room, state-of-the-art gym and lively bar and terrace area, and you can see why TheStudios in Wolverhampton is one of the most exciting places to rent a studio apartment in the Midlands.

Interested? Give us a call on 01902 290 969, email or use our online contact form to ask us any questions or queries you may have or to arrange a time to visit our building and view our different studio apartments for yourself.