National Insurance Fears? Save Money with TheStudios

Talking politics is not usually our thing here at TheStudios Wolverhampton, but with the social media reactions to the national insurance increases and the effects it will have on our finances and every-day lives, TheStudios wanted to reassure our existing and future residents that our co-living culture and paradise could still save you money in a number of ways.

So, take a breath, don’t panic, keep calm & carry on with TheStudios!

All-inclusive bills

When the purse-strings have to tighten, getting your ducks in a row is your priority. Fortunately, living at TheStudios, you only have one duck! One simple and affordable all-inclusive bill so you know exactly where you stand with your living costs.

Studio Apartment

With that in mind and in control, you can then look at your other out-goings and make those key decisions!

Short & long-term rent

Even better, TheStudios provide flexible rent options on Wolverhampton flats and apartments. With potential uncertainty, you may not want to be tied down to a long rent or tenancy agreement. At TheStudios, you can get a short-term rent apartment for as little as 3 months. This gives our residents greater financial control over their living situations.

Co-living is Cost Effective!

The great thing about co-living with other in-house residents is the potential to ‘share the load’ with each other. TheStudios has onsite shared kitchens where our co-living residents can cook up a storm together. This is a perfect opportunity to split and reduce food costs and still eat like the Kings and Queens you are!

Onsite Gym, Cinema, Bar & Restaurant

Alas, when it comes to cutting back, it often falls on the things we love most in life. Getting rid of the gym contract, and less trips to watch films, go for drinks, and eat out. Fortunately, you don’t have to curb too much of those things at TheStudios.

Bar at TheStudios

Our onsite gym and cinema are exclusive to our residents, and all part of your all-inclusive bills in living at TheStudios – after all, good films and good mental health through exercise are necessities in life!

Whilst using our bar and restaurant does come at a cost, the fact it is onsite makes it more convenient and cost-effective than venturing out.

A Perfect Location for Work & Play

Yet venturing out should never be off the table completely! TheStudios are perfectly located a short walk from Wolverhampton city centre. With a train, tram, bus and road transport network right on our residents’ doorsteps, the commute to work does not have to be a costly daily exercise when you live at TheStudios.

Also, when it comes to fun – the fact that the delights of the city, such as shops, bars, restaurants and theatre are ‘around the corner’, makes it more affordable than having to travel to further attractions.

So, if you’re interested in affordable flats to rent when times are tight, contact us.