Our Clubs

Book club

Every other Monday at 19:00 pm

Traditional book club - meet every 2 weeks to discuss current book.

Tech club

Every Tuesday at 19:00 pm

To offer advice on phones, laptops and being able to use the various apps in TheStudios.

Art club

Every Wednesday at 19:00 pm

Resident run art club for all levels of artists to join in and make friends.

Dungeons and dragons

Every Thursday at 19:00 pm

Resident ran dungeons & dragons board game. Group of 6.

Question time

Every Friday at 19:00 pm

To answer any questions residents may have regarding the local area such as doctors, dentists and any questions regarding living within TheStudios.


Every Sunday at 19:00 pm

A chance for residents to discuss any issues or if they are feeling down or lonely, gives the chance to come and have a chat.