Postgraduate Accommodation Wolverhampton

Private student accommodation with flexible contracts

A big part of the University experience is determined by where you live. At The Studios, our fantastic facilities, a supportive team and our wonderful community can aid you in reaching that perfect work and life balance.

What sort of rooms do you have?

Here at The Studios, we offer an all-inclusive shared setup. Our studios, fully equipped with en-suite facilities and kitchenettes, are organised into clusters of five or six surrounding a communal kitchen. This allows you to benefit from sharing certain amenities but guarantees your privacy and own space when you need it.

Our offerings are all fully furnished but vary in size.

Deluxe flat to let TheStudios Wolverhampton

Our rates

Rent must be paid in full on a monthly basis.

Standard Studio

Prices start from

From £125 per week

(£541.67 per month)

Classic Studio

Prices start from

From £150 - £170 per week

651.79 - £738.69 per month, all bills included including council tax)

Subject to availability

Premium Studio

Prices start from

From £145 per week

(£628.52 per month)

Deluxe Studio

Prices start from

From £170 - £200 per week

(£738.69 - £869.05 per month, all bills included including council tax)

Double Occupancy an additional £30 pw

Subject to availability

Deluxe Microflat

Prices start from

From £230 per week

(£999.41 per month, all bills included including council tax)

Double occupancy an additional £30pw

Subject to availability

For double occupancies, please enquire via the contact us page.

What facilities do you have?

All our facilities at The Studios have been designed to improve the standard of living of our residents. Our gym, cinema, work studio, lounge, fitness studio and games room facilities are all exclusive to our residents and their guests- strengthening the sense of community that accompanies co-living. Bi-weekly housekeeping ensures a clean and tidy premise and allows you to spend more time focusing on your academic goals.

Study- quiet areas to focus

Some people find it particularly hard to study in their bedroom, and studies have found that separating working and living spaces yields the most effective working habits. At The Studios, our lounge offers a well-lit, spacious and calming area for you to get your head down and focus, whilst also allowing you to spread out and relax when your work is done.

Community - regular social events and co-living

Starting University as a postgraduate can be quite a daunting experience, especially if you don’t know anyone. Here at The Studios, we are fostering a welcoming and open community by holding regular social events in our bar and café. Co-living is all about taking the strengths of communal living and applying them to everyday life, without sacrificing individuality or the need for your own space.

Each studio is found within an apartment alongside five or six others, as well as a shared kitchen. Upon arrival, you instantly have neighbours to grow close to, but without the pressure of immediately being within each other’s living space.

Privacy – concierge and limited access

The safety and comfort of our residents is at the heart of our ethos at The Studios. We make sure our postgraduate accommodation is checked and equipped with a secure key-card access system for residents only. The Studios is staffed 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, so someone is always on-site to assist you should any issues arise and offer an extra sense of security.

Access – excellent transport links around the UK and internationally

We understand that many students using us as postgraduate accommodation are not from Wolverhampton. We are situated ten minutes away from Wolverhampton train station which has fantastic rail links across the country. With London under 2 hours away and Birmingham airport only a train ride away, there are ample opportunities to get home when necessary or have friends from across the country over.

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