Quirky Valentine’s Day Ideas for Everyone

Calling all lonely hearts, happy hearts & broken hearts…V Day is almost upon us – whether you love it or not! Regardless of whether you’re partnered up with ‘The One’ or you’re swiping right on dating apps, or relationships are too much hassle – TheStudios Valentine’s Day Blog is packed with suggestions for what to do if you’re single, in a relationship, getting over someone or if you’re just not bothered about the whole thing at all.

Continue reading for some alternative ideas for Valentine’s Day, if you’re totally over the whole ‘flowers and chocolate’ tradition!

*CHEESE DISCLAIMER* – If all this Valentine’s nonsense is not your thing at all, scroll down to see what fun suggestions we’ve come up with – Valentine’s Schmalentine’s!


If you’re coupled up this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got some fab ideas for you to spend the weekend all couped up and cozy with your loved one!

You don’t always have to wait until Valentine’s Day to show appreciation for your partner, but depending on what kind of couple you are – you might use this opportunity to spend some quality time together, especially if you’re both crammed up with packed schedules and busy lives. The working week can make it difficult to spend time with your partner, so why not carve out some time over Valentine’s Weekend to spend some time together?

Games Night

Get in touch with your competitive sides and have a games night.

Either get the board games out and have a tight game of chess or scrabble – or get the controllers out and play some video games. A games night is an easy, cheap way of spending quality time together without having to spend loads of cash on dinner. But if you are willing to splash a little cash, why not try an Escape Room? Escape Rooms can put two heads together to help solve the puzzle, and can be a real kick of adrenaline as the time ticks on! Wolverhampton have got a few different Escape Rooms you could check out, and they’re not too far from TheStudios.


Bake a cake with your loved one! Instead of buying choccies, you could team up and bake some red velvet cupcakes or a chocolate fudge cake, and snack on your freshly baked sweet treats in front of your favourite movie. If baking isn’t your thing, you could get your Jamie Oliver on, and cook a fancy dinner in your Studio flat!

An Outdoor Picnic: Winter Edition

A picnic in the cold can be super romantic, especially if you find a nice spot to park up and enjoy the woodland and the Great Outdoors. Pop open the boot and find a viewpoint. Pack some flasks of hot choccy (passenger should totally add some Bailey’s liquor), and perhaps some hot takeaway food.

Or find some picnic benches and put some candles on the tables for an extra dash of romantic. Brave the cold, by wrapping up in blankets and warm coats. If it’s a clear night, maybe you can recreate one of those cheesy movie moments and look at the stars.

Go and find a romantic viewpoint and go stargazing


If all of this Valentine’s nonsense means absolutely nothing to you, (but deep down you’re kind of sort of maybe wishing you had Valentine’s date), then keep reading! Sometimes it’s 10x better to be your own best friend – and have some quality alone time or catch up with your friends/family. We’ve got some amazing suggestions to help you live your best life.

Dog Sitting

A true Valentine’s date…how could you resist this face?!

Why not volunteer and help a dog owner out by looking after their dog for the weekend? If your friends are out of town, then looking after a dog for a little bit is a perfect way to spend Valentine’s weekend. There are plenty of Wolverhampton green spaces to take your dog for a walk, and even a dog friendly cocktail lounge in the centre of Wolverhampton! Dogs and cocktails – what a combination!

Deep Clean your Studio Flat

Ok, ok. You probably weren’t expecting to read that – don’t worry, you’re still reading a Valentine’s Day Blog. Hear us out. But, deep cleaning your space can be so therapeutic and can really help you feel cleansed and refreshed if you’re going through a hard time. Whack on some of your favorite tunes and get your marigolds on.

There’s nothing nicer than settling down and chilling in a nice clean flat. When you’re living in small spaces, you may find that mess and clutter can accumulate quickly – especially when you have a busy life and work schedule! Sometimes, if you’re going through a breakup and you’re feeling down about a past love, then it can affect your space. Your flat can get messy and scattered with stuff, perhaps because you don’t feel like doing anything.

For the Broken Hearts!

Does the idea of V Day absolutely fill you with dread? Do you feel queasy walking past candle-lit restaurants packed with honeymoon-phase couples holding each other’s hands over the table? We’ve all been there. You don’t need ’em! Have a read to get some inspiration for things you can do over the Valentine’s period to distract you from a broken heart.

Road Trip

Plan a road trip with your mates! Wolverhampton is ideally located right in the centre of the UK – giving you the liberty of going literally anywhere in the UK for a holiday. There are some beautiful countryside spots not too far from the Midlands, some places only an hour or so away from TheStudios.

Find a short weekend away in the countryside, where you can discover some of the UK’s most beautiful scenery and find some beautiful scenery and walks. Find a countryside weekend stay, or perhaps go on some walks around to find some natural beauty.

City Break in Birmingham

If you’re after a city break alone or with your pals, then why not head into the city! Have a weekend with your friends and go and explore the big city. If you fancy somewhere close to Wolverhampton then why not visit Birmingham for the weekend? Birmingham has got plenty of great overnight city break stays. A city break in Birmingham can be the best way to celebrate Valentine’s with your friends! Venture into the city for endless fun – book a group Escape Room experience, cocktail making class, botanical gardens walk, or shopping, mini-golf…

Birmingham has a wide array of different bars that are perfect for a night out with your mates. Here are a few suggestions that we’ve got:

  • Dirty Martini
  • Pineapple Club
  • Brewdog
  • Be at One
  • Coyote Ugly (*cough* they may or may not have a ‘Valentine’s Man Auction…’)

Happy Valentine’s From TheStudios

Happy Valentine’s From TheStudios!

Whatever you get up to next weekend, we hope you have a lovely Valentine’s! X

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