Short Term Let Wolverhampton: Who do they Benefit?

A significant number of larger apartment complexes and landlords use a short-term lease as a more cost-effective and more accessible solution to a hotel. Along with providing for your money, a short term let offers a more flexible living basis. Whether it’s for work placement, travelling and exploring new areas, or even for a film crew on assignment. There are many reasons for using a short term let, that we will discuss in this blog.

Short-term let’s come with a name that speaks for itself, yet it’s important to note that such arrangements must generally fall within a specific timeline in order to be regarded as short-term lease. They are the perfect option for those needing temporary accommodation. Tenancies can range from a short let of only 2 weeks through to a longer let of 3 – 4 months.

Short term lets are commonly found in serviced apartments and tend to be inclusive of utility charges. This means residents can benefit from the cooking facilities, reception area and being in a fresh new room. Many apartments would have concierge staff, often having cleaning services included and Wi-Fi. However, despite their similarity to hotels it is an all-round more enjoyable experience for residents. In addition, a short term let allows residents to choose where they want to stay, instead of being limited to hotel hotspots and allows them to live like a local able to explore the hotspots in the area, to better understand the culture and experience.

Who uses Short Term Lets?

There are many reasons why someone would prefer to take on a short-term lease rather than commit to something longer. For some they may commit to an area for work, whilst others may want to have a feel for the area before they move more permanently.

Another reason why people may use a short term let, which is also a growing trend, is having extensive work done on their existing property. More and more people are doing major renovation work on their homes and can often be left without a working kitchen or bedroom for extended periods.

Short-term letting is an ideal solution whilst work is being carried out on your home, and far cheaper than a family holiday.

Short-Term Lettings Benefits

One of the main advantages of living in a short-term let, is that you get to keep life interesting. If you are a ‘people person’, who enjoys visiting new places, learning new cultures and languages, then you’ll see the benefits a short-term letting provides.

This will allow you to get to know more places, share new experiences with strangers and also learn more skills that can benefit you.

Another benefit of a short-term lease is the flexibility you hold. Many apartments or landlords, allow you to have control of your time of stay. However, for most places you have to stay for a minimum of 2 weeks and the maximum lease is 3-4 months. This kind of possibility is not available in a long-term lease.

Why choose TheStudios?

At TheStudios Wolverhampton experience life at its best – surrounded by an array of modern conveniences and enjoyable amenities. A new option with TheStudios is a short-term let, which will be available from January. In order to reserve a short-term, let contact us at or fill out our enquiry form.

Our studio apartments offer many benefits that you may not find in other rented properties – from our on-site restaurant, bar, gym, and built-in cinema room. Giving you the perfect opportunity to socialise without giving up your privacy.

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