Introducing Our New Quiet Lounge

quiet lounge

We are now pleased to announce that, as of the 26th of July, our brand new Quiet Lounge, just downstairs from your studio flat to rent, is open and ready for business! Replacing the fitness studio, just next to our state-of-the-art gym, the Quiet Lounge will be a place to work, read, relax, take a…

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‘Freedom Day’ & Beyond at TheStudios

black open sign

With ‘Freedom Day’ – 19th July – finally within (cccc) ‘touching’ distance for all of us, as a nation we can start to put Covid (mostly) behind us and start enjoying life in the normal and regular ways that we were used to before. So, TheStudios Wolverhampton thought about what that means for our residents,…

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TheStudios: Football & Great Living

football on pitch

With England at the Euros finally upon us, football fever is truly peaking here at TheStudios Wolverhampton. From residents bedecked in their team colours, to all the big games being televised at our onsite bar, it got us thinking – not only about the confusion of still calling it ‘Euro 2020’ when it’s now taking…

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Why Living at TheStudios is Like Living In An Episode of Friends!


Could we be any more current?!! With Friends: The Reunion dominating social media chatter and seemingly being watched across the world, we thought we’d explain ‘what makes living at TheStudios feel like living in an episode of Friends!’ The One with the Great Apartments Just like the show itself, everything at TheStudios Wolverhampton centres around…

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Why short-term renting is better than staying in a hotel

Grey, White and Yellow Studio

If you regularly commute to Wolverhampton for work, and are having trouble deciding whether to short-term rent or stay in a hotel, we’ve put together a few points to help make up your mind! Cheaper When short-term renting at TheStudios, you can stock up on your own favourite foods and cook in your shared kitchen,…

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TheStudios: Our Facilities Roadmap Out of Lockdown

Bar at TheStudios

Right now, every one of us is desperate for normality to resume. The team at TheStudios Wolverhampton is no different. So, with further government guidelines relaxing from – at the time of writing – yesterday on the 12th of April, TheStudios is pleased to announce our facilities and services are becoming increasingly available and open…

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Meet The Team – James

James Playing Guitar

My thrilling story began 6 weeks earlier than intended – being untimely ripped from the womb in the depths of the Norfolk broads. Being a military brat, you might assume I’d been shipped from shore to shore over the years, but rather the opposite has been true, living in such landlocked paradises as Lyneham, Oakham,…

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6 things to be grateful for during lockdown


During times like these, when we are often feeling low, isolated, and anxious, it is easy to lose sight of the good things. However, it is when we are feeling the worst that it is most important to hold on to them; although they may feel insignificant at times, we have to find those silver…

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5 Great Movies to Watch on Netflix

Watching Netflix on TV

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom This incredible drama, starring Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman in his very last performance, is certainly not one to miss. Set to a soulful blues soundtrack, this poetic masterpiece investigates life in segregated America, whilst drawing attention to the Mother of Blues herself, ‘Ma’ Rainey. Funny, beautiful, sad, and intriguing all…

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Easy Veganuary Recipes to make in your Studio Flat


As much as we have an excuse this year to not fulfil our new year’s resolutions, Veganuary is the perfect time to try something new for your taste buds! So, whether you are looking to try out new food, are being a little bit healthier, or have been wanting to go vegan for a while,…

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