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Happy Christmas Eve, folks!

This week’s festive blog post explores un-traditional ways of spending Christmas. Untraditional Christmas for an untraditional year! We can all safely say that after this rollercoaster of a two years, nothing is really that shocking anymore.

Christmas Present Wrapping
We hope it’s a cracker!

So as we wind down for Christmas, and relax with the people we love around us, let’s explore some festive joys of alternative Christmases – where your secret love of Brussel Sprouts should be the only shocking twist of events this Yuletide.

All Inclusive Living at Christmas

In light of the Omnicron strain, there have been a number of airport staff shortages on a mass scale, leaving many disappointed as hundreds of international flights have been cancelled left right and centre. And of course, in line with the laws of COVID psychics, this had to happen during the run up to Christmas. With the new and improved strain spreading faster than you can say ‘Jingle Bells’, those living away from their family homes might be celebrating Christmas slightly differently this year. Or perhaps those who are missing out have already had their cogs of expectation well-oiled by this point, making this the second year in a row spending Yuletide away from home.

If you’re used to seeing your nuclear family on Christmas Day, sharing Christmases with your family-from-a-different-family may feel initially strange – albeit an excitingly alien experience. And for this reason – probably one of the most memorable.

The Festive Joys of Co-habitation

When you celebrate Christmas with fellow residents, there’s none of the pre-Christmas stress that may come with a traditional Christmas day. You can make your own traditions and plan your day yourself.

Cooking Christmas dinner together? Take the burden off by allocating a part of the dinner to each person in your group to make cooking feel like a total breeze in your shared kitchen. Put on some Christmas tunes and some silly party hats, and attempt to show off some Christmas culinary genius!

Mulled Wine for Breakfast, anyone?

Christmas dinner at 8pm instead of a strict 1pm sharp?

Cards Against Humanity instead of a lengthy Monopoly match?

When you’re spending Christmas with your fellow residents you’ve got the the opportunity to organise your own Christmas. You can bring whatever you like to the table, literally.

Spending Christmas together can also help strengthen friendships and enhance your living experience together!

Feeling Lonely at Christmas?

If you’ve got no one to spend it with, Christmas can either be a gust of loneliness, or perhaps the ultimate opportunity to dance around your apartment Bridget Jones style, improvising a microphone with an enourmous bottle of baileys.

For some of us Christmas can be lonely if there’s no one to share it with. Try and find out what your neighbours are doing together – and enjoy the break with others. Are you a twitter user? Follow the hashtag ‘#joinin’ by Sarah Millican. It’s designed for lonely people on Christmas Day to be able to converse with one another, for a sense of virtual company.

Or perhaps you’d like to give back to the community this Christmas. You could volunteer at a local shelter or the Wolverhampton Foodbank. This is a great way of mingling with some new faces on Christmas Day, as well as helping those who are struggling.

Either way, TheStudios have got your back: if you’re looking for some company on Christmas Day, catch up with the other residents and see what they’re up to! Alternatively, come and join us for New Years Eve where we celebrate with a party!

Pour us a glass too!

Christmas at TheStudios

For those of you who are staying at TheStudios over the break – here’s a few pointers for our festive schedule.

The bar will be closed on the 24th, 25th, and 26th December with a limited number of staff. We’ll be back open on the 27th December.

New Years Eve Party is a ticketed event – and you’ll need to collect your ticket from the office anytime between 9:00 – 17:00 with a maximum of 6 tickets per person. It’s a 50 person capacity, and there is no entry without a ticket. Get your tickets, folks!

Finally…Merry Christmas Everyone!

TheStudios would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks to all who supported us this year. It’s been lovely to see some new faces, and we hope to welcome more in 2022!


Merry Christmas Banner
Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas!

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