Wolverhampton – Home to The Arts

Cultures of Arts

Wolverhampton has a vast culture soaked in the arts.

What is an arts culture? This can be defined as the forms in which human desires and emotions are expressed, including dance, art, music and performing.

With a number of venues in the city, Wolverhampton has a rich history of arts culture ranging from comedians, theatre performances and art galleries.

Wolverhampton’s Arts Culture

Throughout the city, there are a number of places to visit for arts culture ranging from galleries to theatres, but also Wolverhampton pride themselves on their University and what it offers.

The University’s School of Art covers a range of programmes for design and artwork. They also have performing arts, covering drama and theatre courses.

Throughout the cities venues, they are visited by comedians, musicians, performers and more, providing a wide range of entertainment and cultural experiences to suit everyone.

Where to Visit…

There are a number of places in the city centre that you can visit to get the full culture of arts experience:

Wolverhampton Art Gallery – the home to over 900 pieces of art.

Newhampton Arts Centre (NAC) – new talent and ideas are captured here.

Wolverhampton Grand Theatre – the home to performing arts, theatre and musician performances and more.

Arena Theatre – the University Theatre, providing performances throughout the year for local, amateur and professional performers.

Wolverhampton Civic Hall – the home to musicians, concerts and dance performances.

How to Participate…

Within these city centre venues, there are a number of opportunities for you to join in too!

The Wolverhampton Grand Theatre offer a youth theatre club.

There are dance, singing and drama classes available through open performing arts schools in the local area.

Or if you prefer to sit back and watch, why not take a look at the upcoming theatre events and book yourselves a ticket. Sit back, relax and be absorbed in the culture of art.