5 Great Movies to Watch on Netflix

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

This incredible drama, starring Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman in his very last performance, is certainly not one to miss. Set to a soulful blues soundtrack, this poetic masterpiece investigates life in segregated America, whilst drawing attention to the Mother of Blues herself, ‘Ma’ Rainey. Funny, beautiful, sad, and intriguing all the way, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom is certainly one of the best films on Netflix right now.

Ma Raineys Black Bottom

The Woman In Black

This classical, English ghost story is definitely not for the faint of heart. Based on the unnervingly terrifying play by Susan Hill, and starring Daniel Radcliffe, who you have to work quite hard to remember is not in fact Harry Potter, this incredibly well-produced horror flick will have your heart pounding with fear – perfect for when your lockdown of boredom needs a bit of excitement.

Woman In Black

Ocean’s 8

Based on the culturally iconic Ocean’s trilogy, Ocean’s 8 has perhaps one of the best casts of all time, including Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter, and so many others. Noteworthy for the amazing talents of its predominantly female cast, this fun spin on a classic heist film will give you all the girl power you could possibly need.

Oceans 8

The Truman Show

Starring the hilarious, emotive, and versatile Jim Carrey, this 90s flick is one we all know and love – it will make you laugh, cry, and definitely think. A departure from Carrey’s typical physical humour, like Ace Ventura and The Mask, this philosophical investigation will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about the world.

The Truman Show

American Psycho

The quintessential modern classic, American Psycho is perhaps one of the best psychological horrors out there. Based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis, Christian Bale stars as the terrifying Patrick Bateman in what may be his most intriguing character portrayal ever. Both gruesomely gory and amazingly entertaining, this is definitely one for the ages.

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