Moving In

What to expect on your first day with us at TheStudios.

We’re always delighted to welcome new residents to our vertical neighbourhood here at TheStudios – and to make your moving in process with us as easy and enjoyable as possible – here’s what to expect when you join us.

Save the Date

Once all the paperwork for your new studio apartment has been completed, we’ll arrange your moving-in date, which will typically never be more than two weeks from the date of your initial reservation. You’re moving-in time will also be confirmed with you during the application process.

Moving in at TheStudios generally takes place between 9 am and 5 pm, from Mondays to Fridays. If you need to move in at a time outside this range, we will always make alternative arrangements to welcome you to the property at a time that better suits you.

Day One

When you arrive at TheStudios on your first day, a member of our friendly team will greet you and welcome you into the building, before going through the following steps with you:

  1. Payments: We’ll arrange and take the first rental payment for your studio, along with the remaining £550 of the deposit – unless this has been paid prior to moving in.
  2. Access: We’ll then hand over your key card(s), which will give you access to all the communal areas inside TheStudios, as well as unlocking your apartment’s front door.
  3. Parking: If you have rented a parking space, too, we will provide you with your parking permit and access fob to the car park, before showing you where your designated parking space is.
  4. Fire Safety: Next, we’ll go through the fire-safety procedures for the building with you, to ensure you fully understand what to do if you hear the fire alarm or in the event of a fire.
  5. Welcome Pack: Finally, we’ll go through the documents provided in your welcome pack, including the welcome sheet, prohibited items sheet and key points of your agreement.

If your moving-in day is also the first time you’ve been to TheStudios, for example, if you have reserved your studio via a virtual viewing, we will also give you a full tour of the facilities and communal areas before we show you to your new studio.

Your Studio

Once the tour of our shared areas on the ground floor is complete, we will show you up to your new studio apartment. On our way there, we’ll also show you where to find the following:

  • There are two property management boards on each floor. We’ll show you where they are.
  • We’ll also show you where to find the fire assembly area.
  • Finally, we’ll show you your communal kitchen and show you how to get to your new studio.

We will then enter your studio and carry out the following:

  • We’ll ensure your key card unlocks your studio’s front door.
  • Then it’s time to go through and sign the check-in inventory. We encourage you to have a really good look around your studio and, if you notice any damage, make us aware of it at this moment, so we can make note of it on the inventory. Otherwise, you will be charged for the damage at the end of the tenancy.
  • Finally, we are required to take a photo of you for our online portal.

At the end of your move-in procedure, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may still have. Then, we’ll leave you to unpack, settle in, relax and get to know your new home and meet your neighbours. Should you have any further queries, you will always find a member of our team on site to talk to.