5 more Wolverhampton restaurants to order takeaway from

This time of year is hard. Daylight is short-lived, the air is uninviting, and there seems to be gloom and doom all around. It is no wonder that food takes centre-stage during these cold months – roast dinner and cake saturate the air and our thoughts. It is the time of year when kale, quinoa, and chia seeds simply will not do, and we all require a bowl of something warm or a bite of something sweet to help us get through the tundra of tedium that is British wintertime. However, with Wolverhampton in Tier 3, it seems that we can no longer lounge in the dimly lit warmth of a restaurant or café to indulge in our annual seasonal-affected-disorder-comfort-eating. But luckily for you, in the age of lockdown, takeaway is king. So, we’ve compiled another list of 5 great Wolverhampton restaurants for you to order takeaway from to help get you through the dark days of a December lockdown.

Aunt Sally’s Caribbean Takeaway

Aunt Sallys Instagram – @auntsallys

Aunt Sally’s is the provider of all the amazingly authentic Caribbean delights you could possibly fit on your Christmas wish list. From comforting classics we may all have tried such as jerk chicken and fried plantain, to the more thrillingly adventurous dishes (at least for the English palate) like oxtail and curry mutton, Aunt Sally’s can deliver straight to your door every morsel of nourishment and consolation we all need during these months

Little Dessert Shop

Little Dessert Shop

Not much needs to be said about this gem of a dessert bar – you need only look at the menu to know it’ll do you good. With every type of waffle, cookie dough, crepe, milkshake, cheesecake, and sundae, in any chocoholic combination, you can possibly imagine on offer, Little Dessert Shop is the ultimate in sweet treats and indulgent puddings. But please don’t let the name fool you – I implore you to order anything from their menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – Afterall, it is the time of year for unadulterated, guiltless gluttony.

Chop and Wok

Chop and Woks Instagram – @chopandwok_wolves

Your classic noodle bar, with a twist, Chop and Wok is what we all need when we want something a bit spicy, a bit sweet, and with mountains of flavour, all in a neatly contained, very adorable box. Chow mein, katsu curry, stir fry, ramen, miso soup, and dumplings are just a few of the countless delicacies on offer, and their cute and colourful packaging makes the whole experience a delight. There really is no better food for watching a film, getting us through work, or making us feel like the world is just that much warmer.

Calleja’s Kitchen

Callejas Kitchen

A great option for either a Saturday-night chill-out, or a Monday-motivation-meal, Calleja’s is not your typical Mexican restaurant. Serving all the best authentic dishes, with a twist, you can opt for the classic Mexican experience with chilli con carne and churros, or tone it down with a delicious burger or mac ‘n’ cheese. Whatever you choose, this joint is ideal for those cold winter evenings when only calorie-laden, fried, cheesy, or sweet soul food will do.

Jack’s Café and Bar

Jacks Cafe and Bar Instagram – @jacksbarwolves

Jack’s is always just what the doctor ordered. A gem familiar to and loved by many locals, Jack’s is where you go for simple, irresistible, comfort food. From simple, unfussy British classics we all need every now and then like a Full English Breakfast or a cheese toastie, to more adventurous dishes included on their expansive Indian menu like fish pakora and mutter paneer, with Jack’s, you know what you’re getting, and you know it will be good.

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