5 Tips for Dealing With Darker Mornings and Evenings

Unless you’re blessed with the luxury of remote working from a cosy corner next to a nice bright window and getting your daily dose of natural daylight, you might be busy working onsite inside a building all day. Waking up in the dark, working indoors, and going home in the dark might make you feel like a bit of a vampire. Daylight can seem like a distant memory from the weekend.

We’ve got some helpful tips and tricks to help make you feel like less of a zombie. And even better, by living at TheStudios, there’s plenty of helpful facilities right at your fingertips!

Always Feeling Tired?

As our brains are programmed to associate darkness with sleep, it can be too hard to be motivated to do anything during the week before or after our working day. The lack of sunlight catalyses the production of melatonin – the hormone released by your brain which causes tiredness.

As soon as we wake up, we have a natural spike in our cortisol levels – this is a stress hormone that regulates alertness.

Here’s our tips and tricks to help you stop feeling so tired in the mornings.

1. First Thing: Hydrate

Unless you’ve got superpowers, you’re not getting and hydration while you sleep. For people who like to catch as many Z’s as possible during the night, that could be up to 8 hours without a drop of H2O. We need lots of water for proper brain function, so have a big glass of water on your bedside table and drink it when you wake up. Water in the morning can help flush out your stomach, and instantly rehydrates your body which helps you to feel awake.


Glass of Water on Bedside Table in Studio Flat
The cold water will also help you feel awake and ready to attempt the tough journey out of the sheets.

2. Bright Lights

Tell your body it’s time to wake up! Turn on the lights to full and give yourself a chance to wake up. You can even get special SAD lamps which mimic the rising of the sun. Allocate a few minutes in the morning to have some time to yourself. Do a little bit of stretching, or a ten-minute yoga video, or sit in bed with your coffee with the lights on high.

If you wake up feeling automatically quite rubbish, try doing some morning meditation before you start the day. Think about what you feel grateful for, and what you want to accomplish for the day.

Bright Lamp Light
Tricking your body in to wakefulness: turn the lights on as soon as you wake up

3. Get Your Blood Flowing!

It can be hard to muster the motivation to drag yourself out of bed extra early for a pre-work gym session. However, the benefits are incredible, and you’ll be thanking yourself for it later on in the day! Getting your heart rate up nice and early can do wonders for your alertness, concentration and general wellbeing.

And by being a resident at TheStudios, you don’t even have to leave the building to go to the gym. Our on-site gym is open from 6am, so you can start your day off with an energising workout in the comfort of your own building, without any horrifically early gym commutes.

Onsite Gym
Our onsite gym is a fantastic way to spend your morning!

4. Keep Good Diet Habits

Banish those energy dips by maintaining a good diet during the day. This will keep you feeling awake and alert. Bonus! Try and avoid greasy and overly sugary foods during the day – they can cause a spike in your sugar levels which can dip dramatically, causing brain fog and fatigue.

Healthy Breakfast Prepared in Shared Kitchen
Getting some healthy food during the day can keep you nice and energised all day


5. Keep It Regular

Regulating your routine is really beneficial to maintaining your energy levels throughout the day. Try and fall asleep and wake up at really similar times each day.

Alarm Clock in a Studio Flat
Stick to a regular sleeping pattern


What better way to combat sleepiness by taking up a new hobby and meeting other people?

Did you know…we now have clubs! At TheStudios we want to try and make our communal areas comfortable and engaging spaces for like-minded people to get to know each other. Attending a club of your interest is a great way to meet new people, discover a new talent and engage your brain in a good chat!

And remember, our bar will be open afterwards, if you fancy a little glass of something refreshing…

See you there!


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