Six Unusual New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again, when we all put pen to paper and try to think of what we want to achieve in the year to come. But often, New Year’s Resolutions are so daunting and life-changing, that they can be hard to accomplish. Moreover, they are usually BORING. How many times have you joined a gym, set up screen time limits, and subscribed to DuoLingo on the 1st of January? So, this year why not try a few different, perhaps slightly unusual resolutions, that are much easier to stick with and have a huge payoff? Well if you do want to, here are 6 simple, unusual, and not too consuming New Year’s Resolutions for you to try in 2023!

Learn a New Party Trick

Everyone always wishes they knew a cool party trick. Whether you’ve seen it in a film, or find yourself strangely jealous when you see someone else do it, there’s always something you wish you could do to show off to everyone, like a card trick or opening champagne with a knife. Well, now’s your chance!

Try Only Saying Yes for a Day

If you want to be more adventurous, daring, and go-with-the-flow, then this one might be for you! Try saying yes to everything (within reason!) for an entire day, maybe just the once, or as a regular thing. You will be surprised how much you learn about yourself, and how many amazing experiences you can have that you never otherwise would have!

Try Something New Once a Week

A mainstay on most of our annual New Year’s Resolution lists is probably ‘learn a new skill’, but this can be so daunting and time-consuming that we get overwhelmed and never do it. So why not keep it simple, and just try one new thing each week or even each month. It could be a new cuisine, a new music genre, a new cocktail, or anything else you want! Keep it small, easy, and achievable, and let yourself get more and more adventurous as time goes on!

Go a Day Without Using Any Technology

In this day and age, technology rules a lot of our lives. Between the world of work and the world of leisure, screentime is a huge obstacle for all of us, so why not try going a day without using any digital technology at all – no Netflix, no social media, nothing! There are so many amazing things to do and see that you might otherwise miss out on, and living off the grid, even just for a few hours, might be the way to do it!

Do Something By Yourself

Since the pandemic, it might feel like you want to go out and see people all the time, but why not take a step back and make some space just for yourself? Try going to the cinema, a restaurant, or the theatre by yourself (making sure you are safe of course), and spend some quality time treating yourself and yourself alone! 

Don’t Make Any

With the current culture of productivity and self-improvement, this time of year can make you feel pressured to make changes and ‘better yourself’. But it’s perfectly fine to just not want to do that! Life is stressful and it’s more than okay to take things day by day, do your best, and see how you go.

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