Affordable Ways to Jazz Up Your Studio Flat

With the current cost of living, it can seem expensive and daunting to decorate your room. Well, luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be! There are plenty of fantastic, affordable, and super quick and easy ways to absolutely transform your studio flat, making it somewhere you feel comfortable and at home. So, we’ve compiled them below! Without further ado, here are 5 simple and affordable ways to jazz up your studio flat here at TheStudios.

Lighting up your studio flat the right way

Lighting is a great way to give your room a whole lot of atmosphere and mood without really trying. Fairy lights are a great, affordable option that you can pretty much do anything with, and which come in all shapes, colours, and sizes, but floor and table lamps or LED lights can be great too. Or, for an idea that will give your room the luxurious feel of a 5-star hotel for a very not 5-start hotel price, try floor uplighters. Just one or two will light the room beautifully, casting some amazing shadows and completely transforming your room!

Studio Apartment Soft furnishings

Perhaps a bit of an obvious one, but definitely not one to overlook! Soft furnishings like cushions and throws can do a whole lot to make your room feel cuddly and cosy as we approach the winter months, and you can get some great ones for a very reasonable price! They can also be a great way to add some of your personality into your already furnished studio flat! Cushions and throws are of course great on the bed, but why stop at just one? Layer different textures, colours, weaves, and patterns to create a look unique to you, and an irresistibly luscious, cloud-like bed! Or, why not chuck a few in the corner, maybe with a lamp and a small house plant, to create the perfect nook to snuggle up in with a book or a movie?!

House plants

Plants are one of the best ways to liven up a space. They provide oxygen, brightness, a natural, earthy vibe, are all one of a kind, and also provide you with a wonderful hobby! And, the best thing is, if you look after them, they will last for life, so buying them when they’re younger and a lot cheaper is an amazing investment.

Pro tip for saving money – you don’t need to go to a garden centre or a grocery store, as the mark-up is astonishing. Ikea plants come in a huge range of species for very reasonable prices, and Facebook Marketplace can be a great way of finding incredibly cheap, often much more full-grown plants, at a fraction of what their retail price would be. My personal favourite varieties, and also some of the cheapest and easiest to care for, are pileas, monstera deliciosas, and cacti!

Choosing a scent

It’s never just about the way things look – scent is an incredibly important part of making a space feel luxurious, cosy, and inviting. And whilst you may not be able to light candles in your studio flat, there are plenty of other options, which are often much more affordable anyway! Diffusers and room sprays are an obvious place to begin, but you can also buy (or make for a fun DIY project!) small bags of dried flowers, like lavender, scented drawer liners, scented bar soaps, essential oils (ylang ylang is a great one), and many more. Or, my personal favourite, which is perhaps the cheapest and most unusual, is Dettol Green Apple Surface Cleaner! It will last you forever, and just cleaning your desk, counter, or table with it will make your room smell crisp and apple-fresh for hours!

Pretty much anything!

The trick is, absolutely anything can become a gorgeous display if you style it right! Cheap bowls and vases (H&M Home, Wilko, Ikea, and Dunelm have them by the barrelful), colourful bar soaps, small ornaments from charity shops, pictures of your loved ones, old books, a cheap table runner, and a small plant can all be bought for very cheap, and can be placed in small clusters on a table, or strewn along the windowsill, to create a stylish and Instagrammable display! Even just sprucing up what you already have, like putting your toiletries on a nice tray, or finding a small bowl for your keys and wallet, can make everything look that much nicer. You could also try making your own art; having your own photographs printed, making a small painting, or painting some pottery can help you fill your space with wonderful things that you can be proud of and that only you own!

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