Bring Your Studio Flat Decor to the Next Level

Its 2021, and there’s no better way to start a new (hopefully better) year than with an Ikea-fuelled room reincarnation. But you don’t need to go all out Grand Designs, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money – it only takes a few, subtle changes. Plus, with a seemingly endless parade of national lockdowns, we may be spending quite a bit more time at home than we thought, and we want to keep our environment looking colourful and alive, so we stay happy and motivated. So, whether you’re getting a head start on your 2021 spring clean, or looking to manifest your ‘New Year, New Me’ spirit into your room decoration, here are 5 easy ways to bring your studio flat decor to the next level.

studio flat decor rug co living spaces

A Rambunctious Rug

A huge rug is perhaps the most useful decorating tool around – with just one small change, you can make your studio unrecognisable. A blank, endless sea of monotonous floor can be boring, and often make a room a bit too spacious, so a rug is useful for bringing light and colour. Whether you want it giant and gaudy, or fluffy and muted, a rug can be the simplest and best way to completely change the vibes of your all inclusive studio, in whichever direction you want.

Studio Flat Plants

A Plethora of Plants

Plants are what turn a room from boring and lifeless, to full of brightness and energy. You can get all sorts of different plants, fake and real, and cover your room with them, bringing fresh air and life with them. Nurturing something small can also provide a sense of responsibility, and a wonderful feeling of achievement and fulfilment as you watch it grow. Succulents, evergreens, and orchids are the easiest to look after, but if you’re feeling brave, herbs and flowers can do wonders for your mood and motivation.

co living spaces

Split Your Studio Flat into Sections

Living in an open-plan studio flat in lockdown, your room becomes your office, bedroom, and gym. Even if you don’t have much space, it can be helpful to keep each part of your day separated within your all inclusive studio, so that your work, sleep, and gym time don’t bleed into each other. Set up a yoga mat in the corner with all your equipment, a reading nook elsewhere with cushions and books, or whatever else you like! Just make sure you don’t do activities in different sections, so no working at the table, and no eating at the desk! When we’re cooped up, organising our room around our day can help motivate us, and you don’t need much space to make small changes.

co living spaces fairy lights

Luscious Lighting

Lighting is a brilliant way to create interesting vibes in your room, and there are loads of different types, ranging from cheap and simple, to fancy and flash. You could have a quirky lamp for reading, fun fairy lights for meditating, and maybe some colourful strip-lights for watching films? Lighting can completely alter the mood, and make you feel like you’ve gone into a completely different room at the switch of a button – very important when you may not be leaving it that much…

studio flat mirrors

A Myriad of Mirrors

Mirrors are incredibly useful for making a studio flat feel bigger and brighter, reflecting the room around them. But they don’t have to be functional, they can be aesthetic too. You can get all sorts of mirrors in different sizes, shapes, and styles, and you can put them in different parts of the room for different purposes. You could even layer them to create a feature – as long as you don’t hang them on the wall! Rooms can often feel dark and drab this time of year, especially amidst a January lockdown, so mirrors can be a great way to bring life and light.

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