Five Benefits of Renting Serviced Apartments

Are you looking for a place to stay in Wolverhampton or the surrounding area? The thought of
paying per room, per night can be daunting for medium to long-term relocations, whether they’re
for work or pleasure. Finding and booking a hotel room involves reading reviews, checking
availability and comparing prices. Apartments with Airbnb vary in price and are not always available
exactly when and where you need them and may not be available if you need to extend your stay.
So, what other options are available?

Here at TheStudios – a luxury co-living high-rise in the heart of the Midlands – we may just have the
answer. Gleaned from our own extensive experience, here are five top benefits of choosing to rent
serviced apartments.

1. Your Own Space and Privacy

By their very nature, hotels, hostels and Airbnb locations have a high number of guests with fast
turnaround times between them. This means the rooms are rarely deep-cleaned and there’s usually
at least one or two unwelcome reminders of the previous guest left behind. By renting a serviced
apartment you can be assured that, for your agreed stay, your space is exactly that. Yours.

2. Better Services and Amenities

Ever stayed at a hotel and had a laundry emergency? Sure, some hotels offer clothes washing
facilities but usually at a hefty fee. Serviced apartments often have on-site laundry services alongside
free-to-use gyms, garden spaces and Wi-Fi. The combined cost-saving and added convenience of
these services is another massive benefit of renting serviced apartments like ours.

3. Safe and Sound

All of us have had to stay in and wait for an important delivery. The majority of rented serviced
apartment buildings provide concierge service, offering increased safety and security as well – only
keycard holders can access our building. You’ll have a friendly face to greet you, a point of contact
for any concerns or suggestions and a peaceful night’s sleep. Every night.

4. Combat the Rising Cost of Living

By renting serviced apartments you can negate these costs, as utilities are included within your
monthly rent. This often includes council tax, water and internet charges too. Private and social rent
is set to continuing increasing sharply over the next twelve months, so the benefits of renting an
all-bills-included, serviced apartment will increase too.

5. Increase Your Social Circle

When you’re new in town and you don’t know where the best places to eat and socialise are, staying
in a hotel or Airbnb for any length of time can be isolating. Serviced apartment buildings often
provide social spaces such as restaurants, gardens and even cinemas. You’re bound to meet other
people in the same boat and who knows, you might even make great friends and connections?

The Benefits Stack Up

Wherever you’re looking to relocate, renting a serviced co-living apartment is an option that should
never be disregarded. If you need to move to the Wolverhampton area, our high-rise haven could be
just the solution you need. For more info about TheStudios, our facilities and our perks, just get in touch with us
or explore more in our online virtual tour.

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