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In an increasingly competitive job market, not every opportunity lies on the doorstep. Relocating for a new position is a dilemma that many ambitious professionals will face in their lifetime, and with it comes the issue of finding the ideal accommodation. Contract lengths, furnishings, choosing to live alone or with others, location in proximity to the new workplace and family; these are all often equally important factors in deciding on a new place to live.

These were all matters being considered by Thomas, who relocated to Wolverhampton from London in early 2019 when the next step in his career became achievable through a position with a renowned local employer. Thomas, who has a wife and children in London, knew that he would initially need to spend some time in Wolverhampton alone whilst in the earlier stages of this new role, and found himself searching for single-person accommodation in the city. But seeing as most of his time during the week would be taken up with work, and he would be spending each weekend back down in London with his family, he felt that ‘paying for an entire flat seemed somewhat pointless’.

This is where TheStudios became the unforeseen solution for him. Being unfamiliar with the concept of co-living, he told us that ‘Being honest, I never would have thought I’d be living at TheStudios had my initial options all been laid out on paper’.

Thomas was not looking to take on the hassle of setting up a new energy and internet providers- with enough responsibilities between starting a new job and his family at home to keep him more than busy. What he was searching for was something akin to ‘a stepping-stone’- accommodation that could tide him over until he eventually relocated his family to the West Midlands. And for that purpose, he found TheStudios ideal.

‘There were a few things about TheStudios that drew me in- the all-inclusive aspect, the ease of simply being able to move in and not having to worry about a lot of the admin regarding bills etc. It’s furnished, and I don’t really need any more than a decent room with cooking and cleaning facilities for the time that I’m here. The rent is competitive, and the location suits me too as it’s only 10 minutes from work.’

In comparison to his alternatives, there was a reassuring quality about TheStudios- ‘Everything was new when I moved in- I didn’t feel like I was moving into some bedsit were many people had lived before. It had a nice, new feel.’

The word ‘easy’ is a recurring one in our discussion with Thomas regarding his choice to move into TheStudios- whether that reflects the swift process of moving-in, the ability to come-and-go as he pleases, or the bi-weekly cleaning service that is included within the rent. It’s made returning home on the weekends simple- ‘All I need to do is chuck my bag into my car on Friday evening. I don’t need to worry about leaving things here’. For someone who returns on a weekly basis, there are clear benefits to renting TheStudios on a month-by-month basis rather than opting for a hotel- ‘I know I can leave my stuff here and travel light. There’s a familiarity. I know where everything is.’ But it isn’t just the studio itself that has left an impression on Thomas- as he has embraced the co-living aspects of TheStudios- ‘It encourages a community environment through The Lounge and the various functions that get promoted. I like simply being able to walk into the bar and just relax there with a drink and my laptop whilst other things go in in the background.’

Thomas’ priorities upon moving into TheStudios were clear- ‘I wanted to throw myself into my new job and not have any distractions’. The all-inclusive nature of his accommodation choice has made that possible through freeing up his mental energy- allowing him to excel at his new role. As he enthuses- ‘The only thing I have to worry about is what I’m going to have for dinner!’

For professionals in the West Midlands needing secure, high-quality accommodation but seeking to avoid the hassle of renting an entire property, TheStudios has provided an ideal solution. With the process of moving-in being quick, and all necessary bills being consolidated into one monthly payment, it has proved to be exactly what’s needed by those looking for somewhere fantastic to live whilst they focus on their careers.

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