Introducing Our New Quiet Lounge

We are now pleased to announce that, as of the 26th of July, our brand new Quiet Lounge, just downstairs from your studio flat to rent, is open and ready for business! Replacing the fitness studio, just next to our state-of-the-art gym, the Quiet Lounge will be a place to work, read, relax, take a breather, or whatever else you want to do – but quietly! It will be open daily from 06:00 to 23:00 to close at the same time as the bar, so if at any time in those hours you need a space to chill, our Quiet Lounge will be ready to welcome you with open arms. So, we’ve put together a few suggestions of ways in which you might want to use this cosy and comfortable new space. Enjoy and happy relaxing!

Do Some Work

Quiet Lounge

Whilst many people are now returning to the real-life-in-person-non-virtual office, many are still working from home, and although we can’t allow you to set up a home study and do your entire 9-to-5 in the Quiet Lounge, it can be a great place to check some emails, write a to-do list, or finish off a spreadsheet in peace. Just please remember to be respectful of other residents who may also be using the space! We also provide tea and coffee, so you can keep yourself motivated as you get through your work, and whilst no food or alcohol is allowed inside, our wonderful bar is only next door, so you can grab a break-time snack, or a post-work congratulatory drink, whenever you want!

Read A Book

Quiet Lounge Book Shelf

Whilst a lot of us might have got back in touch with the joys of reading to help us through the tedious pangs of lockdown boredom, there’s no need to leave it in the era of restrictions and quarantine. Reading is a great way to wind down and chill amongst the hustle and bustle of modern life, and can also be a wonderfully helpful and effective form of self-care. You can lose yourself in the comfort and safety of a good book, free from distractions, and catch up on some valuable you-time. Luckily, we have provided a range of books in our Quiet Lounge for you to choose from, but if nothing takes your fancy, feel free to bring your own!

Play Some Games

Board Games on Shelf

We’ve already stocked the lounge with some great games for you all to enjoy. In the age of Netflix, Zoom, and social media, cutting down on screen time is a battle for many of us, and sometimes we all just need some time away from that glaring, blue light and those addictive apps. So, in the Quiet Lounge you can set up a board or a deck of cards, and take yourself back to a time pre-technology, to the uncomplicated and thrilling fun of a non-virtual game. Also, if there are any games that we don’t have that you’d like us to get in, please let us know, either by email or by asking a member of our team

Just Be

Quiet Lounge Sign

Life in the city can be stressful, loud, and overwhelming, so it can be great to have somewhere to just sit, think, and catch your breath for a few peaceful minutes. Because you can’t play music out loud, the zen atmosphere of our Quiet Lounge is a great place to just shut your eyes, perhaps even meditate, and enjoy some silence and serenity, before getting back to your busy life. And what with all the excitement of restrictions having been lifted, some rest and relaxation might just be what we all need!

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