Last Minute, Budget-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

We’ve all been there – it’s the week before Christmas, and you still haven’t bought all your presents! And what with the current price of everything, buying presents can seem like the very last thing you want to do. Well luckily, there are loads of affordable present options, meaning even on a budget, you can still buy meaningful, useful, and pretty things for your loved ones… even if you only have a few days to go! So, without further ado, here are five great, affordable Christmas present ideas you can sort out before the big day!

Photo Album

A photo album can be a super-cheap, and super-meaningful, present for any of your loved ones. You can just buy an empty album, print off the pictures you want, and stick them in, or you can order one online if you have a bit more time to wait for delivery; the choice is yours! As a fun addition, you can also create a cute, personal narrative or story, with captions and chapters to make it that much more special!

Blankets and Hot-Water Bottles

With the current cost of heating, as the weather gets increasingly colder, we can all do with a few extra blankets and hot-water bottles to keep us warm at night. So what could make for a better Christmas present? You can find some really cute, seasonally decorative ones, or some nice, cosy ones that are perfect for year-round, at very reasonable prices, either at any number of shops in town, or online with next-day delivery, providing you with a gift that is both charming and incredibly useful!

Socks, Hats, Scarves and Gloves!

Socks, hats, scarves, and gloves are perhaps the classic Christmas present, and are always a staple in most people’s stockings, but are particularly useful at the moment. whether you’re going out and about, or just staying at home, it seems that we can never quite get warm enough at the moment, and so you can’t really have too many of these fluffy, cosy accessories! Available at almost any store selling Christmas gifts, they are perhaps one of the easiest things to get a hold of in the run-up to Christmas, and coming in all different materials, colours, patterns, and price-points, they really are the perfect, last-minute, budget-friendly gift.

Travel and Thermal Mugs

A great, easy gift for just about anyone who enjoys a hot beverage, travel and thermal mugs come in a range of sizes, designs, and prices, from a range of in-person and online retailers, meaning you can always find the perfect one for whoever you are looking for in very little time. Plus, they are a perfect gift as the weather gets colder and colder (who doesn’t wish they had a hot drink in their hand at all times?), and they are a great eco-friendly option that saves the recipient having to buy disposable cups!


Books are by far one of the best and cheapest presents you can buy someone, and there are more varieties than just about anything else. The great thing is, they are incredibly personal, as you can choose something that you know your loved one will appreciate and enjoy; sign it with the year and a heart-felt message, and what gift could be better? If you’re in a REAL rush, you can get one on Amazon Prime for the next day, but if you have a bit of time, why not go to a charity shop or an independent book shop? That way you can support a good cause or a small business, and you can often get much more interesting and unusual books for a fraction of the price!

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