Meet The Team – James


My thrilling story began 6 weeks earlier than intended – being untimely ripped from the womb in the depths of the Norfolk broads. Being a military brat, you might assume I’d been shipped from shore to shore over the years, but rather the opposite has been true, living in such landlocked paradises as Lyneham, Oakham, and Telford. In 2009 I landed in Birmingham, where I studied English at the University of Birmingham.

James Playing Guitar in Rock Band

After graduating in 2012 (showing my age here), I spent the next 5 years slogging away at various hospitality jobs whilst playing ‘rock star’, being fortunate enough to tour internationally multiple times, and experience some of theworst hotels and hostels you could imagine. A far cry from the luxury of our Wolverhampton studio flats to rent!

James Playing Guitar

Personal circumstance saw me move to Wolverhampton in 2018, whereupon I applied to work at TheStudios. What attracted me (apart from the studio flats to rent!) was the promise of no one day being the same and being able to get involved in the development of a project whilst it was still essentially ‘young’.

And what a wild ride it has been – being part of the development of luxury studio apartment living, and contributing to its growth in Wolverhampton has been great fun and a real privilege.  I still do plenty of music-related bits on the side, from writing and performing, to lecturing and co-running a record label, but helping to manage TheStudios and finding people studio flats to rent is now my main gig.

James with a Shark

Two facts about me that you would never know: Firstly, for years I harboured hopes of becoming a marine biologist. Getting a ‘D’ in A-Level Biology sunk those plans… Secondly, I am a keen crisp historian, and own Europe’s largest certified collection of Walker’s unopened crisp packets from 1982 until the present day. Please don’t tell Gary Lineker!

And that is my story so far…if you’d like to know more about TheStudios and flats for short-term rent in Wolverhampton, please contact us.