On Your Doorstep: Banks’s Brewery

Put On Your Beer Googles – It’s Time for a Bank’s Brewery Tour!  

TheStudios On Your Doorstep: Banks’s Brewery Tour. Are you looking for something to do in Wolverhampton? As a city full of culture and excitement, there is always something to tickle your fancy!

If you are looking to know more about the city of Wolverhampton, why not start with something relaxing, fun, and not too expensive! Why not try a Bank’s Beer at the brewery where it all began?

Literally across the road from TheStudios and less than five minutes walk from the city centre, Banks’s Beer began in Wolverhampton in 1875 and has grown as a business ever since. With its iconic chimney standing tall in the Wolverhampton skyline to this day, it is a hive of activity!

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History of Banks’s Brewery

Banks’s Beer had its first cask of ale brewed in 1875! Since then, it has seen rapid expansion across the decades, with mergers and pub expansion across the UK.

In 1999, the company purchased Marston’s, the famous pub chain that everyone knows! From here, they again continued expansion and today are known as the Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company, having merged with the Carlsberg Group in 2020.

Throughout England, Scotland and Wales, there are over 1550 Marston’s pubs, all of which sell the well-known and loved Bank’s Beers. Bank’s selection now includes a wide range of beers and ales, from Amber Bitter, Sunbeam, Mild and Barley Gold to Dark Mild.

In 2011, they opened their Visitors Centre and Brewery Tour, allowing the public into their brewing process for the first time.

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Brewery Tours!

The Banks’s Brewery Tour is a great experience for those who are beer lovers, looking to learn some more about the Black Country-based beer.

Throughout the tour, you are given the opportunity to explore the brewing process, see what goes into a Banks beer, and taste some samples! Who could resist! And to top it all off, you get 2 free pints too!

This is a great day out for those who are partial to a pint. Whether you go alone, or with the lads/ ladies, it can give a real insight into the Wolverhampton-based brewery and beer.

Find out more

If you are staying at The Studios, this is a great opportunity for you to relax and enjoy some time in the city of culture that is Wolverhampton. Banks Brewery Tour is just a 5-minute walk from where you are too!

To find out more, visit the Banks’s Brewery website today.

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TheStudios Bar decked out for Pride month
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Come down to TheStudios Bar Terrace!

Pride Month in Wolverhampton! 

June is Pride Month! In Wolverhampton, the Wolverhampton LGBT+ group have an ongoing flow of activities for those within this community including yoga, Stride with Pride walking group, online social groups and social coffee mornings/evenings.  

There are an estimated 32,000 people within this community across Wolverhampton and The Black Country! The aim of Wolverhampton LGBT+ is to reduce isolation, improve mental health and well-being and ensure that the local LGBT+ communities thrive with equal opportunities too! Why not come along and join us at one of our social events.  

For further information, or to book your place with us, visit the Wolverhampton LGBT+ website.



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