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Birmingham Heritage Week is a wonderful way to celebrate the city’s rich heritage and history. Taking place between 9th-18th September, the festival will bring together 100 organisations and societies based in Birmingham who will open their doors and construct events to showcase what the UK’s second-largest city has to offer.

With the Commonwealth Games having taken place last month, Birmingham has been put on the map for being a diverse and inclusive city, and this was reflected in the ticket sales, which were more than any other commonwealth games in the UK, at 1.5 million to be exact. The city seemed eager to take the opportunity and establish itself and surpassed expectations by raising the country’s spirits with a friendly, warm, and moving impression for viewers and guests alike.

To further Birmingham’s fabulous year, #BHeritageWeek will consist of a variety of events, ranging from walks, workshops, talks, performances, building tours, and heritage-themed running and cycling tours, to highlight the great things Birmingham has to offer.

Something For Everyone

Whether you’re interested in history, discovering local sights, art & crafts, or prefer something more active, Birmingham Heritage Week has something for all ages! Organised by the Birmingham Museum Trust, they have bought together the best of the city’s history and present-day accolades, whilst peaking the interests of people from various ages and backgrounds.

Let’s dive into what’s available.


Run through Digbeth, the Jewellery Quarter, and the city centre to experience 1620 years of Birmingham’s history. They’ll show you some lesser-known attractions in addition to the city’s famous icons. You’ll learn about incredible discoveries that altered the course of history as well as illustrious Britons who were both good and bad.

  • Best of Birmingham Running Tour: 10am-12.30pm / 18th September
  • Bournville Chocolate History Running Tour: 4.30pm-6.30pm / 10th September
  • Bustling Birmingham by Night: 8pm-10pm / 15th September
  • Street Art Running Tour: 10am-11.30am / 17th September
  • Woodcock street Baths: 10.15am-11.30am / Range of dates available


There is a wide variety of FREE tours you can get involved in, ranging from history-guided walks to heritage trails and Birmingham landmarks tours. Famous buildings and landmarks included in the Birmingham Heritage Week tours are:

  • Birmingham Cathedral
  • Bank of England
  • Birmingham Buddhist Vihara
  • Birmingham Central Mosque
  • Winterbourne House & Gardens
  • Cadbury research library
  • Church of St Alban


Ensuring the whole family is catered for has been a main focal point for Birmingham Heritage Week. Enjoy family-friendly days out and get the kids involved with these interactive and informative events and tours.

  • Aston Alive! Hands-on-History: 12pm-4pm / 17th September
  • Herstory Day: 1pm-5pm / 17th September
  • Playground Games: 2pm-4pm / 17th September
  • Sutton Coldfield through a Magic Lantern Lens: Range of times / 12th September

Jewellery Quarter

With more than 700 jewellers and independent stores, a bustling food and drink culture, and a historically significant location, the Jewellery Quarter is the focus of a complete set of days during Birmingham Heritage Week. With other Birmingham residents, explore its history and attractions in this imposing and well-known district.

  • Acme Whistles Factory Tour: 11am-12.30pm / 15th September
  • Discovering Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter: 1.30pm-3.30pm / 11th September
  • Behind the scenes of The Joint Works: 2pm-3.30pm / 10th September
  • Opening the archives of the Pen Museum: 11am-3pm / 10th September
  • Visit St Paul’s: 11am-2pm / 16th September


Attending the engaging and interesting talks being conducted throughout Birmingham during Birmingham Heritage Week is the best way to learn about the city’s rich history. Learn what makes Birmingham well-known.

  • Birmingham’s Big Inventions: 6pm-7pm / 9th September
  • Birmingham’s Early Maps: 4pm-6pm / 13th September
  • Celebrating Birmingham: 2pm-4pm / 18th September
  • Digitizing Aris’s Birmingham Gazette: 1pm-7.30pm / 10th September
  • Lost Children Exhibition: 2.30pm-3.30pm / 14th September

More information

If you would like to know more about Birmingham Heritage Week, then head to their website for more information and to purchase tickets.

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