Resident Life Stories: Meet Beckie

Welcome to a very exciting, very new series of blogs we will be producing, centred around those who truly make TheStudios the wonderful place it is: our extraordinary residents.

All of our residents lead diverse and unique lives, and each has a different story to tell, including why they chose to live at TheStudios Wolverhampton, and why they like living here so much. So, without much further ado, welcome to the very first edition of this series; welcome to Life Stories of TheStudios.

Meet Beckie

Rebecca Lovett, who prefers to go by Beckie, is a remarkable resident, who we can’t wait for you to meet. Growing up very close to TheStudios itself in Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, Beckie remained local to the area all her life, eventually of course coming to TheStudios, where she has lived for 3 months now; a true Wulfrunian. She has two sons, named Henry and Robert.

Working Life

Beckie is a psychiatric nurse in a local hospital, having now worked in the same position at the same hospital for the past 17 years, her loyalty and work ethic unwavering. However, her life-long passion may surprise some of you, appearing worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the hospital: Beckie is a ballet dancer. Having taken classes for most of her life since the age of just 5, Becky attended the Theresa Kilroy Stage School where she developed her love of ballet. She has always had, and continues to have, a deep and profound love of performing, having only recently given it up due to her teacher’s retirement.

Why She Loves TheStudios

Beckie came to live at TheStudios relatively recently. She was initially attracted by the idea of having a Bar and Lounge in the same building where one lives, and became intrigued as to what it would be like to live in shared housing. So, she arranged a viewing, and immediately felt at home. And, as you can guess, she decided to move in!

Bar at TheStudios

Apart from her studio flat, Beckie’s favourite part of TheStudios is that the building is secure, and the staff are friendly, so she can come down to the bar on her own and feel safe just walking around and meeting new people. She also loves how diverse and dynamic the residents of TheStudios are, and that there are so many different types of people, who have different jobs and come from different backgrounds, and so she has enjoyed meeting people from all over the world all living in just one building. By co-living, Beckie is part of an incredible community of individuals, meaning there is always someone to talk to, but with the comfort and safety of her own studio flat, she loves that she can also have a quiet night to herself if she wants to.

Beckie’s Fun Fact!

Once, Beckie and an ex-partner were driving on the M54 to Telford to buy new ballet shoes, when the car broke down. They pulled into the hard shoulder and called for help, but with it being such a sunny day, Beckie’s partner decided to sunbathe on the grass, whilst Beckie sat down beside him. However, unknown to them at the time, passing motorists had been making 999 calls saying that someone had had a heart attack on the side of the motorway, and that someone else was giving them CPR! As you can imagine, they were both quite shocked when police and several ambulances rocked up, after which they received a stern telling off, before being recovered and going on their way. They were even more shocked when it made the front page of the Express & Star the next day!

Although Beckie’s only been here for 3 months, we hope that it’s just the beginning of a very happy life here at TheStudios! If you’d love to be a resident at TheStudios just like Beckie, contact us.

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