The 5 Advantages of Living in a Studio Apartment

The United Kingdom is currently facing a cost-of-living crisis. As this continues to unfold, the cost of living and owning essential goods grows higher. Moreover, although a 2022 housing market crash seems unlikely, prices for homes and rent continue to increase. As of right now, there is a shortage of rental homes in the UK, which means there is a higher demand for properties. That is where studio living comes in.
Studio apartment living is becoming more and more popular. In fact, studio apartments have become a necessity in today’s world, where the ever-increasing cost-of-living crisis is causing people to compromise on space to maintain their independence. Studio apartments offer many advantages, as many of them are always located near the centre of town or public transportation. But TheStudios stands above the rest, offering a selection of communal areas and services to maximise your quality of life.
Discover the advantages of living in a studio apartment with our latest blog.

Meeting New People

Meeting new people with similar interests is always an unforgettable experience, whether you met them doing a shared hobby or during a visit to a new town. There’s just something about adventures with new people that provokes near-instant bonding, after all.
That’s what living in a studio apartment complex is like. Now, we’re not saying you must get on with everyone in your area but finding common ground is a great way to form friendships. When you live with people that share the same interests as you, whether it’s a favourite film, song or even opinion, it makes your living experience all the sweeter. Living with different people means you can try out new things, whether it’s food or new activities – the list is endless.


As studio apartments are often known to be smaller in size and therefore the rent is usually lower. But studios tend to be better designed to maximise the space available. At TheStudios, our apartments are designed with a modern layout that enhances the space available, giving you plenty of room.
We are also here to help keep costs down when everything else is rising; our studios start at just £170 per week and that price even has all bills included. Tackle the rising costs of bills with a move to the finest accommodation in Wolverhampton.


As mentioned previously, meeting new people is a great experience but the joy of a studio apartment is that you also get privacy whenever you want. Renting a studio apartment is the perfect solution for those who crave privacy and personal space. A studio apartment, especially at TheStudios provides you with security and the freedom to do as you please, with plenty of room for your own personal belongings.
If you were to also opt for a building with shared community areas like TheStudios, you get the best of both worlds too.


You Don’t Need as Much Furniture

Furniture in studio apartments tends to be much lighter than traditional home items owing to the reduced amount of space. Bulky items take up more floor space and reduce your available living space.
If you are looking to move into an unfurnished studio apartment, then you will need to choose a few select pieces that can really help to add style and personality to your living area as well as being practical. But if you were to opt for serviced accommodation, then you will not need to purchase any furniture. Our studios come fully furnished, properly cleaned and of the best quality. With TheStudios, we believe in better living – and that starts with being comfortable.
But if you really want to make your apartment your own, there are plenty of other affordable ways to jazz up your studio apartment as well, for instance adding softer furnishings such as rugs or artwork.

Deluxe Studio Apartment TheStudios Wolverhampton

Studio Living is Environmentally Friendly

Enjoy luxury living guilt-free, safe in the knowledge that you’re living in an energy-efficient apartment without compromising your lifestyle. Studio apartments are more environmentally friendly because the reduced space costs less to cool and heat.
This is also a great opportunity to save some money. You’ll use less energy per day and your new lifestyle will also require fewer cleaning products and water, allowing you to spend your money on the finer things in life.

Why choose TheStudios?

Life is better at TheStudios Wolverhampton. Our studio apartments offer many advantages that you may not find in other rented properties – from our on-site gym, restaurant and bar to a built-in cinema, giving you the perfect opportunity to socialise without giving up your privacy.
TheStudios is a great place to relax, engage and work with others in a friendly environment, becoming a part of the local community. Find out what living at TheStudios is like by contacting us today.

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