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This week’s blog looks at one of the charities we support here at TheStudios. We support charities both locally and internationally, so keep an eye out for more updates on what we’ve been up to!

A Domestic Abuse Charity in Wolverhampton

Did you know?…

It is approximated that around 1.6 million women in the last year experienced domestic abuse in the UK. Every hour on average, police in England and Wales receive over 100 domestic abuse-related phone calls. That’s almost 2 emergency phone calls per minute.

And the shocking truth is, that only about 18% of women who are abused will report it.

Domestic abuse is far more common than people think, and TheStudios would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness about this topic, and to highlight the amazing donations made by Julie, our amazing Senior Business Manager.

Teddy Bears

The Haven, Wolverhampton

Our fantastic Business Manager Julie has led a charitable initiative to donate to a local charity in Wolverhampton.

The Haven charity in Wolverhampton is a fantastic cause that looks after women and children who have suffered domestic abuse. The Haven allows these victims of domestic abuse to take refuge in safe places. They can provide women and children in need with emergency accommodation. Some of these spaces can be communal areas to mix with other women where they are able to seek comfort by speaking with others who have experienced similar situations. The Haven provides invaluable support for women and children who have experienced many different kinds of abuse, with an array of communicative lines available or those who wish to seek help. This includes two different helplines, a live chat, and an email address. Offering community support, specialised programmes for women, counselling services and accommodation support – The Haven have helped so many women and children find a better future.

How Has Julie’s Donation Helped?

As well as TheStudios’ financial donations, Julie kindly purchased and donated duvets, pillowcases, bed linen and towels to The Haven, for women and children who are taking refuge. Julie’s lovely donation helped make it possible for these women and children to sleep better, and with added comfort. Julie’s donation will go further than just refuge. When these women move back into the community, they can take the bedding which has been donated – a little help for getting settled into their new lives amplifying just how useful these donations can be.


The Haven are a fantastic charity and we are delighted to donate to such an important cause!

How Studios Residents Can Get Involved

Played a game of pool lately? All the money that is collected from the pool table is put towards this really amazing local charity here in Wolverhampton. You can help donate to charity simply just by playing a game of pool, in our bar.

Bar at TheStudios
Pick up the pool cues and get donating!

Did you know it only costs as little as £2 to cover the phone call to our emergency telephone helpline? For so many women, the toughest part is reaching out. It is the first major milestone towards escaping domestic abuse and homelessness. Every donation counts, and can make a huge difference to those suffering.

Find out how you can get involved with The Haven here.

Or, for more information about our charity work, contact us.

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