Things To Know About Co-Living

What is Co-Living?  

Co-living is a type of intentionally shared accommodation which can involve joint housing for people with similar intentions. This type of living gives individuals the opportunity to mix with others in a professional living environment. This form of shared accommodation can involve sharing living spaces and even workspace. 

Why is Co-Living So Popular? 

You can use co-living as an opportunity to learn and improve your knowledge on the lifestyle, culture, and general living habits of others. Many people find that co-living enabled them to learn things about others that they may not have in any other situation. The recent rise of co-living derives from people wanting to be around others and also be around like-minded individuals.   

Your Privacy is Your Choice 

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, co-living gives you the opportunity to interact and make new friends. On the other hand, if you prefer to maintain your privacy, co-living has a combination of both private and community spaces. This is ideal for if you have had a quiet day at work and wish to socialise or wish to have some time to yourself after a stressful day. Your privacy choices can also help with your working methods. You may find that you work best alone or in one of the communal areas with others. Working around others may also help boost your creative working energy.  

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Use of Utilities  

When moving, buying all of the essentials such as a bed, tv and refrigerator can be a big hassle, especially when transporting your furniture. Co-living spaces provide fully furnished accommodation which saves a lot of moving stress and is also cost-efficient as there is no need to purchase or transport your appliances. Before moving into co-living, do your research about what you do and do not need to purchase as it will save you both time and money.  

A Sense of Community 

Co-living can often instil your sense of community. Quite often, it may feel as though you are living with your loved ones. You learn about each individual person and can spend your free time together in your communal living areas or even venture outside for a leisurely stroll or a dinner at a local restaurant. Many co-living residents see this as one of the most prominent advantages of their living situation. This can especially help when initially settling into your new surroundings. At the studios, you can always choose to visit the gym together or even visit the café/bar facilities on site.  

Co-Living Can Be a Home for All 

No matter what your background is, co-living brings different groups of people together and enables us to learn about each other. At the beginning of your co-living journey, it is important that you feel at home. By sitting down with your fellow residents, you can discuss any kind of personalisation you would like to implement in the communal areas (this can also act as a great ice breaker).  

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