Top Tips for Staying Happy While Working Away From Home

Working away from home can be challenging at times. Travelling from location to location, settling down in a hotel or Air BnB for a few days and nights without home comforts can be hard on your morale and motivation.

Whether it’s sleeping in a different bed, changing up your normal routine or missing the warmth of your family, working away from home is undoubtedly stressful and taxing. Here at TheStudios, we want to welcome people working away from home with our warm, comfortable and hospitable studio apartments. We’ve built our studios to rent in Wolverhampton to accommodate a wide variety of needs, whether you’re looking for an affordable place to live or a temporary home away from home while out on the job.

We’ve got the tips you’ve been looking for to help you stay happy while working away from home, and with the help from TheStudios, staying happy is something we guarantee!

Use The Facilities to Your Advantage

Our first tip is to take advantage of your surroundings and use the amazing facilities of your modern studio flat and the communal areas. At TheStudios, we have a host of incredible facilities that residents can fully utilise for their benefit. There’s nothing better than finding something you love to do after a long day at work, and we have the facilities to cater to all your needs. Need to pump your frustrations and negativity out of your system?

Our gym is fully kitted out with a wide range of equipment and includes changing rooms and shower facilities. Exercising has been shown to improve mental wellbeing even if it’s just a quick 20-minute exercise. Rather than feeling like the Terminator with the emotional range of a teaspoon, you’ll feel like Mr Olympia, at the top of your game and full of prowess.

Perhaps you enjoy tickling your tastebuds in the evening with a cool glass of beer – or perhaps you prefer a cocktail or Jack on the Rocks? No matter your poison, you can enjoy the cosiness of our on-site bar where you can unwind and chat with other residents. Drinks and food can also be enjoyed on the spacious outdoor terrace, where many residents love to come and relax and enjoy their favourite meals.

Saving money, especially when out on the road and working away from home, can be troublesome, with cheap fast food or microwavable meals eating up your hard-earned cash. With TheStudios, forget about it! You’ll have a studio with all bills included and that includes using our diverse facilities too! There’s no need to eat all by yourself either thanks to our communal kitchens, featuring multiple ovens, cooker tops and seating areas, where you can cook up your favourite meals without any hassle.

Get Into a Consistent Routine

Being somewhere new will often throw you off your regular routine, which can be highly stressful. At TheStudios, we aim to make people from all walks of life feel most welcome and, with several options for a studio to rent in Wolverhampton, you’ll have everything you need to maintain your core routine. Different people’s routines will vary, with some needing a simple cuppa’ when they wake up to others needing to hit the gym first thing. We are all creatures of habit, and when our usual routine is broken, it can cause anxiety and stress. Try and find ways to stick to your routine where possible when away, whether it’s doing your laundry, taking a walk during lunchtime or making the perfect brew in the morning.

Organise Your Living Space

At TheStudios, our studio apartments have everything you could ever need to comfortably live, however long you intend on staying. While you may not be working all the time in your room, coming back to an organised and tidy space can work wonders for your outlook on things. The old saying, “A tidy home is a tidy mind” rings true, so make the best out of your living space by keeping it tidy and how you like it. If you’re staying for a considerable amount of time, our amazing housekeepers provide fortnightly cleaning to your room and daily cleaning for all communal areas, so you can also relax knowing, on top of the stresses of being away, you won’t have to worry about lifting a finger and live like royalty.

Come and Say Hello to the Community at The Studios

Working away from home doesn’t have to be lonely. Instead of working cooped up in your room, come and enjoy the pleasantries of our communal areas, brimming with the amazing bunch of residents who we welcome at our studios to rent in Wolverhampton! Working with others, or simply around others can help uplift your wellbeing and often give you inspiration for tasks that are challenging you.

TheStudios is the premium place to stay when working away from home. We aim to make all our residents and guests feel most welcome and have been a home away from home for people for nearly a decade. If you’re going to be working in Wolverhampton or the West Midlands area, give us a call on 01902 290 969 so we can get you set up and booked into one of our modern studio flats!


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