Traveling for the Better – A Trip on Wolverhampton Metro

It may have taken what seems like an age, but the Wolverhampton Metro network is beginning to take shape. With unexpected repairs work last year, work on the extension to Railway Plaza and Pipers Row; begins this month.

TheStudios Blog Tram model

Connecting the railway and bus stations to the tram network, work will bring better access to places from the city. There are many wider benefits to opting for the tram for your regular commute. Here are some facts that will help break the misconceptions about traveling by tram.

Cleaner than your average

The idea of ditching the car for public transport can bring feelings of dread. Especially with the last two years of living through a pandemic! More than ever, space and distance are essential in public places. Buses and trains, especially at busier times can become super-spreading vacuums.

However, by design modern trams are more spacious and better ventilated. With high ceilings, long carriages, and clean, modern air filtration systems.  Regular services equal less chance of you having to hold on tight as your bus or train speeds on its way!

TheStudios Wolverhampton West Midlands Metro Environmental Benefits Infographic

Traveling the green line

Traveling by mass transit reduces the number of cars on the road, but did you know trams produce almost three times less CO2 than taking the same trip on four wheels? In fact, according to DEFRA, trams have the potential of reducing traffic on our roads by 14%. Now more than ever, people are opting for the tram with 52% more passengers since 1999.

More trams in Wolverhampton can only bring cleaner, more sustainable options when taking your journey to work, home, or just for fun!

The Studios Wolverhampton Metro fare reduction

Lighter on your pocket

We all know that the rise in fuel prices is becoming inhibitive for everyone. Unlike buses, cars, and cabs, trams have been running on electricity since the 1920s. Not only is this more efficient and environmentally friendly, but it also means the cost of travel can be lowered. In January this year, West Midlands Metro introduced a new, zone-based system to the tram network.

Sophie Allison, Metro Commercial Director explains: “The new ticket structure will provide passengers with unlimited travel within their chosen area, instead of having to pay for journeys between specific stops.”

Choosing the Metro could help you avoid rising train and bus fares. Another added bonus would be making fewer trips to the increasingly expensive fuel pump.

TheStudios Wolverhampton Metro Saving Time

Free time is me time

Sometimes, when you need to get somewhere, the threat of traffic can be off-putting and stress-inducing. With the Wolverhampton Metro extension, travelers will soon be able to easily get to more destinations.

Black Country and Birmingham B-roads often become bottle-necks for rush-hour and school-run drivers. Metro stops are often in more convenient spots that could help avoid these routes.

Before booking a trip, It’s always worth checking whether you can transfer to the Metro. This way, imagine all the taxi and Uber fares you could save?

Go to for more info on the tram network in Wolverhampton and beyond.

A Tram Back in Time

Before the re-introduction of city-center tram services in Wolverhampton, over 120 years, in fact, trams in most places were horse-drawn. Opening in Tettenhall, Willenhall, and Bilston in 1872, steam-powered engines were added to the lines in 1882.

TheStudios blog tram history in Wolverhampton

Events of the first world war resulted in a lack of maintenance, understandably. However, after much debate, the lines were converted to electric power beginning in 1921. It’s often hard to believe, despite minor developments in technology, the original design of the humble tram remains the same to this day.

Work on the metro network as we know it began in the early 1990s. Connecting to existing train lines all the way to Birmingham Snow Hill Station. With Metro expansions taking place in Wolverhampton and the wider West Midlands area; there’s no better time to hop on the tram!

For more info on getting around in Wolverhampton and beyond, check out our Commuter’s Guide to Living at TheStudios Wolverhampton.

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