What Is Co-Living?

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We live in an extraordinarily busy world- everywhere one goes there is stimuli. Whether it be the persistent propaganda of the high-street billboard, the caterwaulic clamour of commuter conversation, or the incessant pinging of an Instagram inbox.

It is the age of the digital nomad and of the solitary surfer. Whilst it may be on the verge of becoming a cliché, it is nonetheless true that online communities seem to be the refuge of those unable to find one to call their own ‘IRL’.

And as we pass from University-age to full-blown adulthood, however reluctantly, we find ourselves amidst a flurry of contradictory and opposing circumstances- from striving for independence on an entry-level wage to then retaining it throughout sometimes uprooting or turbulent personal and professional circumstances. But there is always one constant- to feel some sense of security. Could co-living offer a solution to the urban-bred malaise that has become so prevalent in the online generation?

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The benefits of ‘co-living’ are becoming more commended by professionals and seniors around the country each day. Far from conjuring images of student-ravaged houseshares and endless squabbles over dish-duty and bills, the term has come to encapsulate all that is positive about existing alongside like-minded individuals. At TheStudios we aim to provide two essential experiences to every tenant- the privacy of their own space, and the ability to socialise in a safe, secure environment within a well-kept and provided-for community.

That’s why features such as The Lounge have a worth well beyond their basic function; it is a shared space that residents can equally call their own. Those wishing to do away with the expense and intimidation of late-night life in the city are able to unwind and enjoy the loose atmosphere of a bar whilst never being too far from home. And for those seeking simply a change of scenery in which to browse the net, read a book or study, it equally serves as a peaceful and spacious workspace- with all-important access to caffeine on-demand). Likewise, the fully fitted kitchens in every apartment are clean, well maintained and accessible at all-hours- giving our residents a great space to prepare meals and chat with neighbours. These are spaces to make human connections in- to escape the glow of a screen and rediscover what it means to have meaningful and honest interactions with those around us.

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What these features of co-living all result in is a feeling of mobility- avoiding the groundhog-day-drudgery that so many of us feel when facing the same 4 walls, reached via the same congested route day-in and day-out. There is the reassuring familiarity of a community that is constant yet evolving enough to stay new- and our residents may dip in-and-out as they feel. It is an empowering and refreshing way to live in an age where so many are feeling the trappings of inner-city life. And so, this is how co-living is directly tackling the issues of isolation and stagnation that is so pervasive in the 21st century. Co-living is seeking a better-connected future and a more-fulfilling present.

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