What to do at TheStudios now the sun’s out

Finally! That wonderful time of the year when the sun emerges from its seemingly never-ending hibernation to re-join society and banish our wintery, lockdown blues has finally arrived. Now, at long last, we can do everything we were already doing, but in shorts and copious amounts of sun-cream. However, at least in Britain, a lot like our amazing option for short-term rentals, the sun tends not to stay around for too long. So, for all of you who can’t wait to get out there and enjoy the sun as quickly as possible before it heads back inside for the rest of the year, here is everything to do at TheStudios to make the most of the summer weather.

Drinking on our sun terrace

What better way to enjoy the sun than on our spacious and lush sun terrace come beer garden? With our amazing selection of drinks at our lounge and bar, ranging from draught beer and ciders to delicious gins and rums, there’s something for everyone – check out our latest blog for more! Whether you need a pint after a day’s work, a catch-up with friends, or a comfy place to watch the Euros, there’s absolutely no excuse not to get a little something from the bar and enjoy it whilst absorbing that rare and valuable Vitamin D.

Terrace Area

Getting summer-ready at the gym

Whilst this may not be the year for lengthy summer getaways, beach days, or tanning by a swimming pool, it’s always a good time to feel confident, strong, and healthy. Luckily for you, with our onsite gym, working out has never been easier. We have a range of amazing machines and equipment ready for you to get to work and start achieving your fitness goals, so even though you might not be getting ready to show off your gains at a swim-up bar or round of beach volleyball, it’s still the perfect time to get working out and feel like a million dollars in the warmth and glow of the summer sun.  

Shielding from the sun in our cinema

As a population heavily used to the doom and gloom of traditional British weather, sometimes the sudden abundance of sunshine can get a bit much. Or perhaps you’re not a sun enthusiast, and you prefer to live out the summer days indoors, sedentarily enjoying the perpetual whirl of a fan from the comfort of your studio apartment to rent. Either way, our state-of-the-art cinema may be your saving grace; enjoy our incredible selection of movies on the big screen from our comfortable and luxurious cinema-style seating, safe and sound from the dizziness and distress provoked by the sun’s harsh, hot temper.

TheStudios Cinema

Getting out and about Fortunately, fun in the sun doesn’t just extend to the walls of TheStudios. As lockdown is being (sort of) lifted, take this opportunity to explore the wonderful city of Wolverhampton! There are hundreds of incredible restaurant terraces, beer gardens, hiking trails, forests, and parks just waiting to greet you, no more than a quick walk, drive, or tram-ride away from your studio flat to rent. Or you could even get out to a neighbouring village or town in the West Midlands to explore life in the sun outside the city, for a lengthy evening walk or a weekend getaway. Have a look at some of our other blogs to see your many, many options.

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