Studio Living: The Antidote to Metropolitan Solitude?

Urban loneliness. If you’ve ever lived alone in a drab city flat with no communal areas, you may have encountered this phrase before or experienced it first-hand. You might have that friend or family member who’s asked you ‘doesn’t it get a lonely living by yourself?’ Well, studio living might just be the cure for urban loneliness.

Urban Loneliness

With more and more of us working from home, and with the last two years seeing a global scale of social isolation, some may argue that city dwellers are facing their own social epidemic purely catalysed by solo living.

Now, of course, this isn’t to say that urban locations aren’t vibrant, thrilling and packed with culture. Life moves faster, people are temporary, and there’s a daily conveyor belt constantly rotating a fresh line of visitors, events, and art. For some people, they are one big melting pot of social opportunity. But for the solo apartment resident, city living can also be lonely, isolative, and the streets a daily hell for the introvert who just wants a bit of peace and quiet. Paradoxically, some of the busiest and most densely populated places in the world are the loneliest.

Walking Around City Experiencing Urban Loneliness
Urban places can be lonely for the solo renter

A Social Distance

UK town life and suburbia might have made a sturdy recovery from the months of hardcore social isolation, but for many solo urban dwellers living in flats without communal areas, lockdowns just magnified any pre-existing metropolitan solitude. The regulations imposed within the last two years have literally told us to rightfully keep away from each other for the benefit of public health. With the authority’s instructions to stay away from other human beings including friends and family, those long winter days during lockdown were a catalyst of insanity for many people. Not to mention for those people living alone in urban areas which were once so busy and populated.

Walking Around City Experiencing Urban Loneliness
Drab single flats without communal spaces can make us feel isolated

Social Creatures

We hate to state the obvious here, but we are all human beings. To whatever degree, humans need social interaction. The need to socialise is literally engrained into the fabric of human nature, and into our biological functions. Isolative living can cause loneliness, which can be really detrimental to our well-being. Remember what happened to Jack Torrence from The Shining?

No matter how much of a lone wolf you think you may be, social interaction is literally an adaptive human behaviour. We’re social creatures! Conversing, interacting, laughter, and learning about other people boosts serotonin, increases self-esteem, and increases your overall brain health. This can help us perform better in our workplaces, and does wonders for our mental wellbeing.

friends having coffee in shared living space
Having a laugh with other people and conversing is healthy for your body and mind! High five to that.

The Studios: Striking the Balance!

So, how do we combat urban loneliness? How can we design a living situation that is practical, social, and private all at the same time?

Introducing…TheStudios! Our living design strikes the perfect balance between private and social with our studio living set up, the perfect antidote for a social ailment like urban loneliness. Feel at home with our shared communal spaces where you can meet other likeminded people. Don’t fancy a chat? Sometimes just being around other people is comforting if you don’t want to be alone, and we’ve got some great places to chill out for some down time!

The Studios Lounge and Bar
TheStudios have some great shared spaces to chill out and have a chat

An Environment for Making Friends

By living at TheStudios, you’re living in a community. You can meet like-minded people and make new connections in shared amenities like the kitchen space, bar, café, gym, and cinema. We’re all about bringing people together, whilst retaining that blanket of privacy with en-suite rooms that are bright and beautifully furnished. Oh, and did we mention we run weekly clubs?

We’ve got Book Club, Tech Club, Art Club, and a Dungeons and Dragons Club which all happen on a weekly and bi-weekly basis! There’s something for everyone. You don’t have to be Picasso to join the Art Club, and you don’t have to be an avid reader to pop into our Book Club. It’s the showing up that counts!

Still feeling lonely? We run a Wellbeing Club which runs every Sunday at 19:00. Come and have a chat.

Now we’re biased, but we think TheStudios offer one of the best living setups around!

friends celebrating living together
Cheers to new friends!

Say Hello!

Calling all introverts and extroverts! Like what you see? We’ve got something for everyone. Contact TheStudios to find out more about our stylish studios to rent, with the added bonus of vibrant social spaces. We look forward to hearing from you!

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